News on Possible Survivor Series Match, Reasons Why Enzo Has Heat

News on Possible Survivor Series Match, Reasons Why Enzo Has Heat

By Marchman · Tuesday, August 8, 2017 · 1 Comments

Enzo Amore

It was previously reported that WWE was considering having Shane McMahon face Kevin Owens at this year's SummerSlam event. Those plans were obviously changed as McMahon is going to be the special referee in Owens' match against AJ Styles on the show instead. However, it does appear that this feud is only getting started between Owens and McMahon. Bryan Alvarez stated on Wrestling Observer Live that he believes WWE will be putting together a match which will see Team KO take on Team Shane at this year's Survivor Series pay-per-view. While plans could change, Alvarez doubts that a singles match between the two will be taking place anytime soon.

News regarding Enzo Amore has not been very positive as of late. He was reportedly kicked off of a tour bus by Roman Reigns not too long ago, and JBL even doubted his chances of succeeding in WWE due to the amount of heat that he has garnered backstage. Sports Illustrated now reports that one reason why Enzo is so disliked backstage is because of "a series of questionable guests" that be brings backstage. These guests apparently record videos and take pictures of the talent backstage, and this is also a violation of the "backstage etiquette" in WWE. This is something that most people backstage in WWE feel that Enzo should be aware of by now.

Enzo Amore has also been looking into getting into the music industry as of late as well. This has also been largely frowned upon by those within the company, and the report mentions that it could help lead Enzo to being "future endeavored." During his partnership with Big Cass, Cass would apparently stick up for his teammate whenever he landed himself into trouble. The promo Cass cut when he split from Enzo about him being "the star" of the group, and Enzo running his mouth and getting into trouble was written to reflect how most people backstage see Amore. Big Cass will be taking on Big Show with Enzo Amore suspended above the ring in a shark cage at SummerSlam.


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