WWE SH Figuarts Undertaker & Kane Figures are AVAILABLE to Order!

WWE SH Figuarts Undertaker & Kane Figures are AVAILABLE to Order!

By Marchman · Monday, August 7, 2017 · 0 Comments


It's been quite over on Mattel's end ever since Comic Con came and went. However, Bandai Tamashii Nations has released two new incredible collectible editions of your favorite "Brothers of Destruction." In the past, the company has produced SHFiguarts versions of popular "Attitude Era" stars such as The Rock, Steve Austin, and Triple H. Now the company has released two highly-detailed figures of Kane and The Undertaker, and they both do look absolutely fantastic. They both have multiple points of articulation, details, and plenty of accessories as well. Let's all take a look at what Tamashii Nations has prepared for us today:

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"The Big Red Machine" Kane gets his first figure in the SHFiguarts line, and it seems to be based off of his initial run from when Kane first removed his mask. It comes in special packaging that includes all of the fire and brimstone that you would expect Kane to come with at this point. Aside from looking like Kane from a few years back, the figure comes with a head which includes Kane's old mask. If you choose, you can also remove the head in favor of three other heads, each with a different expression. He also has a set of hands for punching, as well as a set of open hands for unleashing fire and chokeslamming opponents. He also includes a towel that can be placed on top of any of the heads to help Kane hide his grotesque appearance. Poor Kane.

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Much like his brother, The Undertaker receives and equally well-made action figure here. The packaging sees "The Deadman" surrounded by lightning. As for the action figure itself, it is based off of some of the later years of his career. It includes four different heads, each with different expressions. It also includes an extra open hand, a closed hand, and a closed hand with his thumb sticking out to recreate his throat slashing gesture (or for him to give his opponent a friendly sign of approval. Use your imagination!) The new figures are available to purchase now, and so are the other figures made by SH Figuarts.

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To view or purchase some Tamashii Nations figures, check out this link: http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/wwe-sh-figuarts-toy-wrestling-action-figures.html



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