Kurt Angle Celebrates Four Years Sober

Kurt Angle Celebrates Four Years Sober

By Soul Tsukino · Monday, August 7, 2017 · 1 Comments

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently celebrated his fourth year of being sober. Angle had suffered from addictions to alcohol and painkillers for a number of years, stemming from his many injuries he had been carrying, leading to many bizarre moments including domestic abuse charges from his former girlfriend Rahka Kahn, several online outburts that were later blamed on his twitter account being hacked. His addictions became so well known that fans at one point even put him on a "death watch" saying he would be the next big WWE star to die from their addictions. This came shortly after the death of Eddie Guerrero and a clip shown by the WWE of Vince McMahon announcing the new wellness policy and Angle openly questioning about prescribed medications. 

After a public drunk driving charge while in TNA in 2013, Kurt took himself to rehab and took several months off from wrestling. He came back to be inducted into the TNA Hall of fame and has stayed sober ever since. It was revealed during his recent WWE 24 network special that his current wife threatened to leave him if he didn't clean himself up for his children's sake. So far there has been no word from Jason Jordan.

Angle recently took to his Instagram account to celebrate.


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Good job Kurt!!

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