Johnny Mundo On His GFW Debut, Discusses Possiby Signing With GFW

Johnny Mundo On His GFW Debut, Discusses Possiby Signing With GFW

By JosephSpencer17 · Friday, August 4, 2017 · 0 Comments

WWE's Justin Barrasso recently interviewed current Lucha Underground champion Johnny Mundo for Sports Illustrated's "Extra Mustard" ahead of Mundo's appearance at GFW's house shows in New York City. 

Here's some highlights from the interview: 

Mundo On His Relationship With Taya Valkyrie:

“I’ve got somebody in my corner for the rest of my life. She will always have my back and I’ll always have hers, no matter what. We’re the most accomplished, well-rounded couple in wrestling, there is no one that can beat us in a mixed tag. I took Kira to a nice dinner at a place called Moonshadows in Malibu which is by the ocean and I organized it so a school of young dolphins swam by our table. I took her for a long walk on the beach after dinner and I told her all the things I love about her. Then I asked her to marry me.”

Working With GFW & Possibly Signing With The Company:

“It’s official, myself and Taya Valkyrie are going to be working the GFW on August 5. I don’t know who we are wrestling yet, but I’m excited to work with a new company. I never thought I would wind up working for TNA, but this all happened really quickly and it feels just right. The show is going to be great and the fans who haven’t seen me in a while are going to be surprised with what I do in the ring. It’s a cool combination of my work as Johnny Nitro from WWE, Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground and my work from the independent scene. Anything is possible, we haven’t confirmed that just yet, but it would be great to do the TV tapings. As far as long term or short term goes, we’ll see. I haven’t even set one foot in their ring yet.”

The Issues With Vampiro/AAA:

“I brought Taya’s Reina de Reinas championships to Mexico because AAA supposedly needed it for a photo shoot. A few days later, it was announced that she was stripped of the title for using an illegal hold in a no disqualification match from a match in Tijuana when she won the belt. That made no sense, as the whole point of a no disqualification match is that there are no illegal holds.”

“The real issue is that Taya has worked for that company for five years, done everything asked of her and she would have agreed to whatever they asked. She’s spent thousands and thousands of hours on the AAA bus, changed in bus stations and behind barns when there were no locker rooms, just to have the opportunity to work for that company. She thought being stripped of the title without even being informed was a huge slap in the face. All she needed was a phone call but they didn’t do that, so she got upset.”

“Vampiro started trashing her on Twitter for some reason. He tweeted a bunch of stuff and called her ‘a f*****g mark’, then blocked her on Twitter, then unblocked her on Twitter, then wrote an apology on his Facebook page, then deleted the apology on his Facebook page. When I saw all the things he was writing about my fiancée, I felt like I needed to say something. Vampiro preys upon people’s dreams and lies to people, but he doesn’t keep track of his lies. Ultimately, he’s a mark for himself.”


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