Hardys Respond to Nordholm, Kanellis Takes Shot at GFW Over Pay

Hardys Respond to Nordholm, Kanellis Takes Shot at GFW Over Pay

By Marchman · Friday, July 28, 2017 · 0 Comments

Matt Hardy

As covered in a previous post, Anthem/GFW President Ed Nordholm did an interview recently with Sports Illustrated and commented on his negotiations with the Hardys over their "Broken" gimmick. In addition to his claims that he owns the gimmick, Nordholm asserted that Matt Hardy was not being honest with his fans with regards to his Impact Wrestling contract. He stated that Hardy asked for another $100,000 before re-signing and only then did his contract negotiations begin to fail. Nordholm also remarked that he would not be discussing the "Broken" gimmick any further and that he was officially done negotiating with the Hardy family.

Well, if you thought that the Hardys were just going to give up after that, think again. Matt's wife Reby claimed on Twitter that Nordholm was lying during the interview and that Matt has also recorded every single conversation he's had over the phone with him as proof. Matt Hardy also spoke on the issue, commenting that Nordholm "blatantly lied" during the interview and he highlighted the mention of the extra $100,000 from his end on Twitter. He also stated that he is currently in the process of "checking with lawyers" as a result of the possible defamatory statements. Despite Nordholm's claims, this still does not look like it will be over with just yet.



...And #NoCredEd is LYING through his yellow Canadian teeth. https://t.co/s0CQBNyqus

— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) July 26, 2017



.@EdNordholm did an interview in which he BLATANTLY LIED to defame me. I have this entire convo recorded for proof. Checking with lawyers. pic.twitter.com/pTaFvnKOf1



Speaking of Global Force Wrestling, former employee and current Smackdown member Mike Kanellis took to Twitter to air some of his grievances with the company. When a fan voiced his displeasure with Kanellis' work in both GFW and WWE, Kanellis let every know that now he gets paid. This is a reference to rumors of GFW/Impact constantly being late when it comes to paying their talent. Those rumors were prominent during the last few years of Dixie Carter running the company. Kanellis' gimmick in WWE has been met with skepticism thus far, but joking about how he didn't earn anything for his work does not reflect well on the old guard over in GFW.

Y’all was a joke in @IMPACTWRESTLING an now ur a joke in the @WWE funny how things stay the same https://t.co/uGpU9bKieE

— Michael Saxe (@WRLDChamps) July 27, 2017


Except I get paid now https://t.co/Z8x9MK46mB

— Mike Kanellis (@RealMikeBennett) July 27, 2017


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