Day 3 of Final Reveals at SDCC From Mattel & WWE! PHOTOS!

Day 3 of Final Reveals at SDCC From Mattel & WWE! PHOTOS!

By Marchman · Saturday, July 22, 2017 · 0 Comments


The final day of the San Diego Comic Con fell on this day for the folks over at Mattel and WWE. The convention serves as the motherload of all action figure unveilings each year and 2017 was no exception. On day one, we discovered the brand new WWE Superstars line that will feature Barbie-like dolls based on the female roster members, as well as a few new Elite figures such as the first edition of James Ellsworth. Day 2 saw some new store exclusives shown off in the form of the Mattel debuts of #DIY, The Authors of Pain, Bobby Roode, a special "Flashback" Virgil figure, and many others. So what did Mattel did to close out the big ceremony on Day 3?

As far as new basic action figure go, we were shown a brand new basic Sting figure that is based off of his Wrestlemania 31 match with Triple H. The figure's face paint is nearly completely gone from his face, just like Sting's was in the aftermath of the match. Speaking of Wrestlemania, Seth Rollins is going to be getting a new figure based off of his Wrestlemania 33 match with Triple H this year (So wrestling Triple H at Wrestlemania guarantees you a figure now doesn't it?). A new version of Raw superstar Rhyno is also coming to the basic line with a different set of arms that his Elite 50 version had. Now we get onto the Elites that were shown today.


An updated version of Bray Wyatt and Becky Lynch will be making their way in the a future Elite line. Meanwhile, a physical version of the "Flashback" Batista from Wrestlemania 21 (again, against Triple H) was shown. Rich Swann, Tyler Bate, and TJP will be making their Mattel debuts in future lineups. Most importantly of all, a new lineup called Epic Moments will be coming and the first set is based off of the Festival of Friendship angle from earlier this year. Also, Kurt Angle is going to be making his Mattel debut in a new series called Entrance Greats. The first figure will see Angle be based off of his 1999 WWE debut, he comes with his two medals and a display stand that plays his entrance theme!

That may be it for Mattel at Comic Con this year, but we'll be here reporting all of the news on the latest toy releases and more over the months to come!

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