Last-Minute Kurt Angle News, POTENTIAL SPOILERS, Not Chad Gable?

Last-Minute Kurt Angle News, POTENTIAL SPOILERS, Not Chad Gable?

By Marchman · Monday, July 17, 2017 · 0 Comments

Kurt Angle

We have discovered some last-minute breaking news regarding Kurt Angle's big secret. For those who may not be aware, Kurt Angle is going to be revealing the details of some mystery text messages that he has been receiving on Raw later tonight. Fans have been anxiously awaiting for Angle's in-ring return ever since he came back to WWE and they were hoping that tonight's angle would help lead to that outcome. It is unknown for sure what exactly will be revealed on Raw tonight, but a few different sources have helped point us in the right direction. It seems as if whatever happens tonight will not lead to Angle wrestling for WWE again.

A new report from Sportskeeda says that Kurt Angle is considered retired by officials in WWE and this reveal will not lead to a match with Triple H at SummerSlam as was previously rumored. We also have discovered that the angle will probably lead to Kurt Angle having an illegitimate child. This would explain why last week Angle was seen asking a person on the phone to join him in the ring on this week's Raw before ending the conversation with "I love you". Now we just have to let the speculation begin on who could possibly be the illegitimate child of Kurt Angle. We will be finding out on the closing segment of tonight's edition of Raw.

Now it may seem like an obvious choice to have fellow Olympian Chad Gable be revealed as Angle's son, but WWE has seemingly shot that idea down. On a video about the angle on WWE's YouTube channel, Cathy Kelly commented on the rumors of Chad Gable being revealed as the person Kurt is referring to by stating: “While a lot of people are hoping for it, we’re pretty sure Kurt Angle isn’t Chad Gable’s dad.” Now this leaves open plenty of different possibilities on who this could be. The big reveal is rumored to be closing tonight's Raw, it will also be immediately followed by a live interview with Kurt Angle on the WWE Network after the fact.


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