Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Results

INDY NEWS: Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Results

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Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Results


London-- Appalachian Mountain Wrestling at The Laural County Fair: Larry D. pinned Krutch... Jordan Clearwater pinned Beau James... John Noble pinned Stan Lee... Kyle Maggard beat Daniel Richards .. Appalachian Mountain Wrestling Champion Stan Sierra with Phil Phair beat Al Snow by disqualification.
(7/11/17)                                                                                                             - Nathan Lyttle 

Hazard-- Appalachian Mountain Wrestling at The Sherman Neace Athletic Center: Eddie Browning pinned Stan Lee... Jordan Clearwater beat Beau James with Misty James... John Noble pinned The Destroyer... Kyle Maggard beat Daniel Richards... Appalachian Mountain Champion Stan Sierra with Phil Phair double count out with Larry D. ... Beau James won an Eight Man King of The Mountain Match
(7/14/17)                                                                                                             -Nathan Lyttle

Jim Axelrod and CBS news crew traveled with Beau James and Daniel Richards this week. The story is set to air Monday on CBS evening news. The picture is Mr. Axelrod with Stan Lee, Misty James, Daniel Richards, and Beau James

The Maggard vs. Richards match in Hazard was Hillary Shirt vs. Trump Shirt the Loser having to wear the winners shirt for a month. Richards will be seen on AMW TV and events the next month wearing a Trump Shirt. 

This Week's AMW TV

In this week's episode:
Bobby Love takes on AMW Champion Stan Sierra, we look back at Kyle Maggard vs. The Progressive Liberal Daniel Richards and hear from several AMW superstars.


AMW Ratings

Appalachian Mountain Wrestling: Champion-- Stan Sierra; 1--Kyle Maggard; 2-- Larry D.; 3.--John Noble; 4-- Beau James; 5-- Eddie Browning 6--Stan Lee; 7-- Jordan Clearwater; 8-- Daniel Richards; 9-- Al Snow; 10-- Krutch

HBO Story

Here is the HBO Vice story from last week off of their official site


Ashland-- Thoroughbred Championship Wrestling at The Boyd County Fair: Jordan Clearwater beat Daniel Richards... Lexie Green pinned Misty James... Stan Lee and Beau James beat Casey Reeves and Jordan Clearwater... Austin Tyler Morris beat Brandon Taggard... Larry D. pinned Ronnie Roberts
(7/12/17)                                                                                                           - Kerry Campbell


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