Shane McMahon 'King of the Ring' Ringside Exclusive is AVAILABLE!

Shane McMahon 'King of the Ring' Ringside Exclusive is AVAILABLE!

By Marchman · Sunday, July 16, 2017 · 0 Comments

Shane McMahon

Here comes the money! The newest action figure of the one-time heir to the throne in WWE, Shane McMahon, has been released for every collector to enjoy. This action figure from Mattel is a very special edition of the famous son of Vince McMahon. This is a fully-detailed Elite action figure that is the first ever "Flashback" edition of Shane, meaning that it is based off of his time with WWE before his return in 2016. Mattel delivers in a big way with this one, accessories, articulation, and details are aplenty within the newest "Shane O" figure. There is a catch though: this action figure is sold exclusively through wrestling action figure website Ringside Collectibles.

Image result for shane exclusive mattelImage result for shane exclusive mattel

Let's take a look at what we've got here. "Shane O Mac" comes in specially-made Elite packaging that is has his logos, as well as a description of the famous match that the action figure is based off of in this instance. This figure is based off of Shane's wild street fight that he had with Kurt Angle back at the King of the Ring pay-per-view in 2001. In that match, an insane moment came when Angle suplexed the young McMahon into a glass panel, but it did not break as planned. It broke when Angle re-attempted the move, later on Angle also tossed McMahon into a second glass panel that broke. The spot made the match infamous, but more importantly, it certified McMahon as a hardcore legend in the industry.

Image result for shane exclusive mattel

Image result for shane exclusive mattel

This action figure is expertly recreated from the street fight. McMahon has black hair and a serious headsculpt, and blue ring pants, as well as a ring ring jersey with the King of the Ring logo, "Kurt's Kryptonite", and "Super Mac" on the back. Perhaps the best part of the exclusive figure is that it includes a standing panel that can be broken into multiple pieces. It's just like the one that Shane actually went through in the match. It's truly a fantastically made effort from Mattel and it is definitely one that would go along nicely with a matching Kurt Angle figure one day. For now though, the action figure can only be purchased through

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The Shane McMahon exclusive figure is AVAILABLE to order now on You may view or order the item here:


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