Enzo is Unhappy Being Split Up With Cass; More on Big Cass' Push

By sonofgod210 · Saturday, July 15, 2017 · 1 Comments

Enzo Amore
As previously reported, not only was Enzo Amore kicked off A WWE bus due to an incident, but he was also not allowed to dress in the regular locker room for a while.

Enzo was reportedly not happy at all about the storyline breakup with Cass and the line that he talked about in his segment on Raw about his real life being better than his fantasy life was not from a script and it does reflect his true emotions and his feelings. Because in his real life, he is based in LA and having a great time, whereas in his fantasy WWE life, his prospects don't look good as a singles wrestler who is constantly portrayed as a joke.

Despite reports of Big Cass having backstage heat for his political views, it is not expected to interfere with his ongoing push in any way. WWE officials are said to be very high on him and are not expected to let other talents' reaction to him affect the push they intend to give him.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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Enzo, get your act together,


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