Latest Update on the Situation Between The Hardys and Anthem

Latest Update on the Situation Between The Hardys and Anthem

By sonofgod210 · Thursday, July 13, 2017 · 1 Comments

Matt Hardy
As we have seen over the last couple of days, The Hardys battle against Anthem Sports seems to have become more intense and both sides have become fired up. This started first with Matt Hardy commenting that a deal with Anthem Sports was imminent and they were close to using the "Broken" Gimmick in WWE. This was followed by Jeff Jarrett stating that the trademarks still belongs to GFW/Anthem and finally, an explosion on Twitter by Reby Hardy who claimed that the two sides had an agreement in place last week.

According to a report at PWInsider, it seems that what Reby said and claimed is actually true and the two parties have agreed in principle to a deal that would enable the Hardys to use the gimmick moving forward.

Both sides would have then released a statement wishing each other the best in the future and under terms of the deal, would cease publicly speaking on the matter or on each other. It is also believed that Anthem was to receive some sort of payment in exchange for the trademarks. WWE was not involved in the negotiations in any capacity.

It was the lawyer of the Hardys who was the one who drafted up the agreement and sent it to Anthem's Ed Nordholm with the expectation that it would be signed promptly. But, several weeks have gone by and there was no response yet or even an indication that the deal was actually going to be signed. Reportedly, Nordholm has told at least one person that the agreement he got was not what they had verbally agreed to prior and since then, no communication has taken place.

The belief is that if Nordholm does not sign the agreement or at the very least re-initiate discussions or negotiate a new agreement ,The Hardys' only recourse will be to file a lawsuit citing breach of contract from the Dixie Carter days.



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Heavy Weight Champion

GFW/Anthem will go under soon. They can wait it out


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