WWE Raw Results 7/10

WWE Raw Results 7/10

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WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw is live tonight from the Toyota Center in Houston

We open with Big Cass, and the Houston crowd chanting "Cass****!" He says he intends to move from the very bottom of the totem pole to the very top of it. He said that beatdown of his former tag team partner at Great Balls Of Fire was for all the people who supported Enzo Amore over him. He says people can't hop on his bandwagon now because he's the future of the WWE. He says for all of his doubters out there he guarantees one day he will win the WWE Universal Championship, he'll hold the title high and shove it down everyone's throats. He screams that no one can touch him because nobody is on his level and he is seven-foot tall and on top of the mountain.

He's interrupted by the Big Show, who had served as backup for Enzo when Cass was out of commission during his fake "backstage attacks" last month. Show is staring down Cass as he steps over the top rope.The crowd roars and starts "Big Show" chants.

Big Cass steps into Big Show's face and Show headbutts him. Cass runs at him, but Show locks him in a gator roll. Show then starts stomping on Cass in a corner. Cass slips out of the ring and makes his hasty retreat to the stage at the top of the entrance ramp.

Finn Balor vs Elias Samson

We come back from commercial with Samson on his customary stool in the middle of the ring with his guitar. The crowd boos as he says, "Hello, I'm Elias Samson." He asks, "Who wants to walk with Elias?" He implores Houston to keep their cell phones down and hold their applause until after his performance is finished. He says he wrote a song for Finn Balor. He says Balor's not a savior, just a man. He tried to upstage me, but he didn't understand. Tonight he'll knock Balor off his pedestal and he'll never be the same.

Balor's music mercifully interrupts Samson's terrible song. The crowd roars for the leather-jacketed Irishman with his popped collar. Samson has attacked Balor two weeks in a row after interrupting one of Samson's previous performances on Raw.

Balor starts off with a side headlock, but Samson nails him with a right elbow off the ropes. Balor fights back with a dropkick to the face. Samson whiffs on a corner splash. Balor hops out of the way and Pele kicks Samson on the ear from the ring apron. Samson slides out of the ring as we go to break.

Samson has taken control during the commercials. He hammers Balor with a right hand and follows up with a suplex. Samson then locks in a full nelson to work on Balor's neck which he kneed during the break. Balor tried to roll him up, but Samson kicks out and continues to manhandle Finn. Balor rallies with a dropkick and repeated knife-edged chops in the corner. Balor then kicks Samson out of the ring, but as he went to do a running kick on the ring apron Samson pulled his legs out from under him. Balor lands hard on his surgically repaired shoulder. Samson then locks in a Fujiari arm lock to work on the shoulder. Finn gets a rope break.

Balor pulls Samson's legs out from under him and flies for a two-footed stomp on Samson's chest. The Drifter reverses in the corner, getting Balor down on the mat and stomping him. Samson tries to roll him up, but Balor kicks out at two. Samson goes for another pinfall attempt, but Balor kicks out again.

As Samson tries to strike again, Balor hits a Pele kick, a Slingblade and a double dropkick to smash Samson into a ring post. Balor then goes to the top rope for a Coup De Grace and the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor

As Balor celebrates on the stage at the top of the entrance ramp, the Hardy Boyz come out to congratulate him. They shake hands with Balor as they make their way to the ring. Michael Cole announces the Hardys will be in action next as we go to commercial.

Hardy Boyz vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Jeff says the Hardys know they failed to win the Raw tag team titles again at Great Balls Of Fire, and the tag teams backstage think they are obsolete. Matt says they have only begun to make magic in the WWE Universe.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson interrupt. Anderson says they aren't the Hardy Boyz of old, they are the old Hardy Boyz. Gallows says go practice their magic somewhere else because Gallows and Anderson are magic killers.

Matt says he and Jeff are a little bruised and "broken," but if Anderson and Gallows want a fight the can have it. Matt, who received stitches after last night's pay per view show, steamrolls over Anderson with a shoulder tackle before tagging Jeff. Gallows comes into the ring, and Matt and Jeff double team for a Poetry In Motion on Gallows.

Gallows has Jeff in a headlock and then nails him with a clothesline as we come back from break. Anderson tags and they double team for the Boot Of Doom. Matt interferes to break up the pin attempt.

Jeff hits a sitting jawbreaker and then tags in Matt who starts off with forearms and then rams Anderson's head repeatedly into all three turnbuckles in one corner. Anderson slips out of a running bulldog, but hits Side Effect. Matt then hits a Big Elbow off the rope. Gallows cheap shot kicks Matt in the back of his head through the ropes. Gallows then tags in and he teams up with Anderson for the Magic Killer and the win.

Winner: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

The Revival Ambushes Hardy Boyz Post-Match

As Gallows and Anderson celebrate the victory, The Revival comes out and starts ambushing the Hardy Boyz in the ring. Dash Wilder hits Matt with a knee off the second rope. Wilder and Scott Dawson then team up to hit a Shatter Machine on Jeff.

Miz TV Presents The Mizzie Awards

The Miz, the Miztourage and Maryse are in the ring covered in red velvet as Miz declares the introduction to the Mizzie Awards. Miz says The Mizzies is the only award show with credibility to tell the real winners and losers from Great Balls Of Fire last night.

Miz opens up an envelope for the award for Best Supporting Actors and it's a tie! Both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are winners. The crowd chants "you deserve it." Dallas thanks The Miz and says without him this wouldn't be possible. He says The Miz changed his career and his life. Axel says because of The Miz he looks and feels like a million bucks and now he's going to make a million bucks.

Miz announces that behind every great man there's a gorgeous, sexy woman. The winner of The Most Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy Leading Lady is Maryse, who tears up as she gets her award.

The final Mizzie Award is for The Greatest Man In WWE and the winner is Miz! He declares he is, was and will always be the Greatest Man In the WWE. He says he's made the Intercontinental Championship prestigious again and he says he would beat Dean Ambrose at Great Balls Of Fire and he did. Miz says the only frauds at Great Balls Of Fire were The Hardy Boyz, Akira Tozawa and Seth Rollins who all lost their matches. Miz says Dean Ambrose is the toughest man in the WWE and since he beat Ambrose what does that make Miz?

Ambrose comes out and tackles Miz. But the numbers game quickly gets to Ambrose as The Miz and Miztourage start stomping Ambrose. Seth Rollins then comes running out for the save and clears the ring of Miz and the Miztourage.

Back from break, Ambrose in a huff stomps up to Rollins backstage and asks him why he got involved. Rollins says he wasn't about to let Miz run his mouth about him. Ambrose says he doesn't trust Rollins. Rollins blew that. He says there won't be any Shield Reunion. He tells Rollins to mind his own business and keep to himself.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Raw Women's Champ Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

Banks and "The Goddess" open up the match. Banks charges at Bliss twice and both times Bliss runs into the ropes. Bliss then tags Jax. Banks tags Bayley and then Banks takes out Bliss in the heel corner.

Jax gets a couple good punches and knees on Bayley, but The Hugger fires back by taking Jax's knees out from behind. Banks then runs by and knees Jax in the head. Bayley then hits a Big Elbow to the back of Jax's head from the top rope as we go to commercial.

Banks has her boot on Bliss' throat in the corner as we return. The Boss then splashes Bliss for a two count. Bayley tags and hits a bulldog on Bliss. The champ then tags Jax. Bayley tries a few running forearms to no effect. Bayley takes Jax's knee out from behind again before splashing Jax twice. The Hugger then takes out Jax's knee again.

Jax fires back by locking in a bear hug, but Bayley elbows her way out of it. Jax backs Bayley into the heel corner and tags Bliss, who slaps Bayley across the face. Bliss tags Jax again who locks in another submission attempt, but Bayley elbows out of it again. Bliss tags and keeps Bayley on the mat by stomping her.

As Bliss creates a distraction with Banks, Jax rams Bayley into the corner. Jax and Banks start beating on each other outside the ring after Bliss sucker punched The Boss. Jax tries to flatten The Boss against the barricade, but she slips out of the way and Jax rams her shoulder into the barrier. With Jax out of commission, Bayley hits a surprise roll up in the ring on Bliss and gets the pin.

Winner: Bayley & Sasha Banks

Goldust Presents Shattered Dreams Productions

Are you going to bark all day little doggie or are you going to bite? - Reservoir Dogs, 1992

He says even though R Truth tried to ruin his box office premier that his movie Shattered Truth is the smash of the season. Goldust promises a sequel. He knows that normally sequels aren't as good as the original, but Goldust isn't usual. He promises Shattered Truth Part 2.

Goldust vs R Truth

Goldust gets in a sucker punch and few right hands in the corner on Truth. R Truth fights back with a series of right hands in the corner, but Goldust reverses slips away and then stomps at Truth in the corner. Goldust then hammers away at R Truth on the mat before hitting him with some knife-edged chops in the corner. After a snapmare takedown, Goldust comes off the rope to drop a forearm on Truth. Goldust then gets Truth in a headlock.

R Truth tries to fight back, but Goldust catches him off the ropes for a vicious spinebuster. Goldust climbs to the second rope to punch R Truth on the head, but R Truth picks him up and powerbombs him.

R Truth went for a scissorskick, but Goldust took his knee out before stomping on R Truth's knee. R Truth fights back with a spinning heelkick and a scissorskick. Goldust answers by slamming R Truth into the turnbuckle and then hits a Cross Rhoades for the win.

Winner: Goldust

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle Updates Braun Strowman's Status

Angle says he doesn't know when Braun Strowman will return because he refused medical treatment. He says the show must go on so he introduces the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman.

Angle says 14 years ago Lesnar beat him for the WWE championship, and it seems like Lesnar just keeps getting better. Angle then congratulates Lesnar.

Angle asks Heyman and Lesnar if they are curious to his ideas for who will challenge The Beast at SummerSlam. Heyman says he and his client aren't here to have a creative meeting leading up to SummerSlam, and he and Lesnar try to blow off Angle and leave.

Roman Reigns interrupts and walks out from backstage. Angle tells Reigns he's got a lot of nerve coming out after what he pulled last night. Reigns says he's standing in the ring with Angle, Lesnar and the father of ECW, Heyman, and they are telling him he went too far. Reigns says Angle should thank him because he doesn't know how to handle Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar is never around to handle him. Reigns says he is owed a favor, and the favor he wants is Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Lesnar asks Reigns if he's kidding? Lesnar says Reigns doesn't deserve sh**! Lesnar then says Reigns is as close as he's going to get to the title by standing next to him.

Samoa Joe then marches out from backstage. He says aren't we all living in a fantasy land. He says he's going to drag us back to reality. Lesnar says the reality is he kicked Joe's a** last night. Joe says he's going to put Lesnar to sleep. He says Lesnar didn't beat him last night, he escaped him. Joe also says that Reigns has never beaten him. Heyman then screams that Joe will never see a title match again. Joe tells Lesnar he should listen to Heyman because he's trying to protect the Beast because Heyman knows Joe is the one to beat Lesnar. Reigns pokes fun at Joe, and Joe says he's awful flip for a got who got his a** kicked by Braun Strowman.

Angle steps between Joe and Reigns and makes a match between them next week for the No. 1 contender to the WWE Universal title and a shot at Lesnar at SummerSlam. As Joe and Reigns almost come to blows, Angle tells them to knock if off or he will cancel the match.

As we pull out to the announce table, Corey Graves once again gets a call and leaves Booker T and Michael Cole to talk in quiet.

Angle Backstage With Graves

Angle asks Graves if he got the same text. Angle says he's going to have to go public with the news they got. Angle is concerned when he goes public next week that he will have to say goodbye. Graves tells him that he's got all the confidence in the world that Angle won't have to leave WWE.

Akira Tozawa with Titus O'Neil & Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar with Alicia Fox & Cruiserweight Champ Neville

Before the match starts, Michael Cole announces Alexander and Dar will take on each other Tuesday on 205 Live in an "I Quit" match.

Alexander starts off by nailing Dar with an elbow to the nose. Alexander then hits a few uppercuts. As he whips Dar into the ropes, the Scottish Supernova slips out of the ring and hugs Fox. Alexander chases Dar back in the ring and tags Tozawa. Tozawa hits a running dropkick on Dar before stomping him and dropping an elbow on the back of Dar's neck. Neville tags in, and Tozawa ambushes him with a series of kicks and a standing Senton. Neville fights back by throwing Tozawa face first into the turnbuckle and tags Dar who stomps on Tozawa in the heel corner.

Neville has Tozawa in an arm lock on the mat as we return. Cole asks Graves about Angle's situation and he refuses to comment. Tozawa fights back by landing a Shining Wizard knee to Neville. Tozawa gets free and tags Alexander who hits a leaping forearm and a handspring kick. Dar provides a distraction and Neville knocks Alexander off balance on the ropes as he lands on his groin on the top rope. Neville goes to the top rope with Alexander, who fights off Neville and drops him groin first on the top rope. Tozawa tags. Alexander elbows Dar and then hits him with a suicide dive out of the ring. Tozawa kicks the rope Neville is on to add to his pain and then hits a top rope Senton Bomb for the win.

Winners: Akira Tozawa with Titus O'Neil & Cedric Alexander

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

Rollins pounds on Wyatt with a series of right hands in the corner, and then Wyatt returns the favor. As Wyatt tries for a corner splash, the Kingslayer nails him with a Superkick. Wyatt retreats and then hammers Rollins with a shoulder tackle when he runs back in the ring.

Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, but Rollins escapes and throws Wyatt out of the ring. Rollins then hits a suicide dive and throws the Eater of Worlds into a ring post. Rollins rolls Wyatt in the ring and then stomps on his fingers. He then grabs Wyatt's fingers and torques them at painful angles. Rollins takes Wyatt out of the ring, grabs Wyatt's fingers and smashes them into the steel stairs.

Rollins tries to hit a springboard forearm off the ropes, but Wyatt catches him and plants him with a Ura-Nage as we go to break.

As we return, Wyatt whips Rollins in a corner and collides with him at full steam with a splash. he works Rolilns in another corner and jabs at him. Rollins tries to fight back with some right hands, but Wyatt drills him with a DDT. The Eater of Worlds keeps him grounded with a rear chinlock.

Wyatt then kicks Rollins in the shin, positions him on the ropes and heabutts him. Wyatt climbs to the second rope with Rollins sitting on the top rope and punches Rollins in the head. The Kingslayer punches him of the ropes, whiffs on a kick initially, but Rollins then hits a standing sidekick and then an Enziguiri kick to drop Wyatt on the mat. Rollins unloads some right hands, hits another standing sidekick, stomps on Wyatt's fingers and hits a Slingblade. Wyatt rolls out of the ring, but Rollins keeps up the pace with a suicide dive which launches Bray into the barricade.

Rollins then hits a springboard clothesline off the top rope for a two count. After Bray tries to fight back, Rollins hits a Blockbuster off the top rope. Wyatt kicks out. Rollins climbs up top again, but Wyatt knocks him off balance. He tries to hit a Ura-Nage, but Rollins reverses into a Falcon arrow. Wyatt kicks out again.

Wyatt went for the Sister Abigail, but Rollins rolled him up after escaping. Wyatt then started to go to work on Rollins' injured eye from the eye poke last night at Great Balls Of Fire. Wyatt punched him in the eye, headbutted him in the eye and then hit Sister Abigail for the victory.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Miz & Miztourage Ambush Rollins

After the match, Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel surround the ring. Rollins is struggling to see out of his injured eye. He lashes out at Dallas, but the three men gang up on him, get him on the mat and start stomping away.

Dean Ambrose runs out with a steel chair and clears the ring, but not before he drills The Miz with a series of chair shots to the back.

Raw GM Kurt Angle Backstage

Angle tells whoever he's on the phone with that they should come next week and tell the whole world together and whatever happens, happens. He tells the caller he loves them and hangs up.


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