Hollywood Hulk Hogan by Storm Collectibles is AVAILABLE to Order

Hollywood Hulk Hogan by Storm Collectibles is AVAILABLE to Order

By Marchman · Monday, July 10, 2017 · 0 Comments

Hulk Hogan

Let's face it, Hulk Hogan is currently blackballed from WWE right now, and though his return has been rumored for some time now, Mattel is unable to produce his action figures until he finally does come back to WWE. Mattel was able to nail pretty much every incarnation of the "Real American," however, they were never able to get to the iconic Hollywood Hogan character that he portrayed in the NWO. Fortunately, Storm Collectibles has got us covered! Hollywood Hulk Hogan has been made available on Ringside Collectibles. This action figure has got it all: accessories, the physique, the black beard/fu manchu mustache combination. It's all here!

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The brand new figure is included with tons of fascinating details and articulation. Hogan is made with a brand new snarling headsculpt and you can tell that he means business. Relive the glory days of WCW's New World Order leader with a removable 'Hollywood Rules' t-shirt, as well as a removable cross necklace. The action figure comes with two sets of interchangeable hands - including two for grappling, and two others for to engage fisticuffs with anybody who stands in the NWO's way. We're still not done yet though, because the "Hulkster" comes with a removable bandana, and a removable black and white feather boa that can be placed around the action figure.

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What would a Hulk Hogan action figure be without a weight belt and a pair of shades? Those are included along with a very special Hollywood Hogan display stand for the figure. Hollywood Hogan and his cronies dominated the landscape of WCW for years, and now the leader of the group can be part of your collection! The action figure, ring attire, and countless accessories is all made by Storm Collectibles and can only be purchased through RingsideCollectibles.com for about $35.99 plus shipping. The action figure is now available for purchase and he is ready to take over your collection. What'chu gonna do, brother?!?!

Hollywood Hulk Hogan is now available to own! You may view or purchase the item here: http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/hollywood-hulk-hogan-toy-wrestling-figure-rex-119.html


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