INDY NEWS: UPW Red, White, & Bruised Quick Results 7/8

By Mark · Monday, July 10, 2017 · 0 Comments

Quick results from UPW's "Red, White, & Bruised" at the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York 7/8:

1. "Just" Jeremy Jensen won a four corners match against Space Monkey, Eric Rosecroft, and Coconut Jones in a 585 Live Championship Qualifier.

2. KDW Heavyweight Champion "The Alpha & The Omega" Jason Savior defeated Anarchy Ashe Aubrey

3. "Your Captain" Nick Ando defeated Shane Sabre

4. UPW Tag Team Champions Wrecking U (w/Nick Sullivan) defeated Defiance

5. The King of the North" Carter Mason defeated "Supercop" Dick Justice to win the UPW No Limits Championship.

6. KDW Tag Team Champions The Wrestling Liberation Front (w/Bin Hamin) defeated "Eh Plus" Ryan Cassidy and " Extremely Cute Wrestler" Colin Delaney in a non-title match

7. The Faculty (w/Eon Starrmore) defeated "The All American Irishman" Pat White, "The CEO" Rico Figueroa, Charlie Locke, & Tylicious

8. UPW Heavyweight Champion "The Infamous" Bobby Fish defeated "The Young Lion of the West" Mattick. Mattick pinned Fish, but Commissioner Casey Doyle ordered to restart the match because Mattick hit Fish low not seen by referee Richard Head.


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