The Hardys and Anthem Close to a Deal for "Broken" Characters?

The Hardys and Anthem Close to a Deal for "Broken" Characters?

By Marchman · Monday, July 3, 2017 · 0 Comments

Matt Hardy

As reported yesterday, Matt Hardy has been playing up the return of his "Broken" character quite a bit on social media in the last few weeks. Matt Hardy has been unable to use the gimmick ever since he left Impact Wrestling (now Global Force) earlier this year. The company claims that they are the rightful owners of the gimmick, but the Hardy family has refused to give up the fight for the rights to the beloved character. Yesterday, Matt Hardy tweeted that he was days away from winning the "great war," which is likely an allusion to his feud with Global Force Wrestling. So what exactly is going on with the "Broken Universe" right now?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the gimmick may finally be coming over to WWE at last. Meltzer claims that the Hardys and Anthem have been speaking and are getting closer and closer to reaching a deal each day that will allow for the two brothers to continue using the characters. The two sides have not yet confirmed that they have been having talks, and no other specifics of the supposed deal were given by Meltzer, but he suggested that a deal could be reached very soon. Matt Hardy once promised that the "Broken" character would come to WWE one day during an interview on the WWE Network.

Despite claims that WWE does not have any interest in the character, the belief is that WWE would love to use the gimmick, but they did not choose to battle Anthem in court for the rights. The Hardys seemed to have taken matters into their own hands, and we could now be seeing the characters very soon indeed. The Hardys are rumored to not be winning back the tag team titles anytime soon, so could it happen as early as Great Balls of Fire? Could they be debuting at SummerSlam? If a deal is coming close to being reached, hopefully we'll learn more about it soon. The "Broken Universe" in WWE? Now that sounds DELIGHTFUL!


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