WWE 2K18 My Career Wishlist
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WWE 2K18 My Career Wishlist

By joeylegend42 · Thursday, June 22, 2017 · 0 Comments


WWE 2K18 can improve in a lot of areas. My career is a place where they should start. 

The mode has certainly seen improvements over its life time. However, there is no denying that it needs a lot of work. My career in WWE 2K17 didn’t really make much sense. Let’s take my experience into account. I had a pay per view match against Bray Wyatt who is on the main card. My character hasn’t really accomplished much since making it to the main roster. How on earth did he earn a pay per view match with one of the top guys in the company? All my character did was spend some time in the tag team division, broke up with his tag team partner thus splitting from the division, and is now ranked seventh for the United States Championship. Bray Wyatt at the time was ranked fourth for the WWE Championship. How on earth did my character in a shot against Bray Wyatt?? My career needs more realism to it. It would make sense to start at NXT just like you did in WWE 2K16. You would influence your main roster promotion by not winning matches but having entertaining ones for the fans. That’s where the five-star rating system comes in.

The five-star rating system was a welcomed addition to the mode. There is one problem with the system though. It only counts towards your guy. It would make sense if the rating system also counted towards your opponent as well. That would also realism to the game. 

My career is a mode with a lot of potential and hopefully 2K has improved this mode. We can only hope that 2K did just that. The game comes out on October 17 of this year.

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