Ending of Women's MITB Match draws Backlash From Fans

Ending of Women's MITB Match draws Backlash From Fans

By Soul Tsukino · Monday, June 19, 2017 · 0 Comments


If you do not want the results of the Money in the Bank show from last night spoiled, then stop here.

The results of the match, in which James Ellsworth, who was not a legal participant in the match, retrieved the briefcase for Carmella, is touching off a lot of negative feedback from fans who think this was sending the wrong message to fans. After Shane McMahon sent out a tweet about not being satisfied with the result, he was inundated with complaints about having "a man winning the match".



After many months of the WWE telling its fans of the "Women's Revolution" and having women's matches put in the spotlight more, including being in the main event spot on some previous shows, many fans, both men and women, were not pleased with how this match ended with Ellsworth's interference, especially with it being the first women's Money in the Bank match.

It should be pointed out however that Shane is only the figurehead Commissioner of Smackdown along with Daniel Bryan and doesn't have a say in the booking of Smackdown or anything else in the company.


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