Stephanie Wishes Happy Father's Day To Vince

By Soul Tsukino · Monday, June 19, 2017 · 0 Comments


Stephanie McMahon tweeted wishing her father a Happy Father's day. She referred to Vince as "The Head Cashew" in the tweeted, implying the whole family is nuts.



In standard fashion for Twitter, several people replied to this post with negative comments about the current direction of the WWE. Stephanie, of course, didn't reply to any of them and probably doesn't read replies on Twitter anyway, if she even makes the tweets herself, or is the WWE's Social Media team makes the posts for her.

Meanwhile, Shane McMahon did not do the same. His Twitter is a lot more sporadic and only seems to tweet once a month. His latest tweet is about the ending of the women's Money in the Bank match, but much like his sister is taking a lot of flack for the match ending the way it did, even though as far as anyone knows, Shane doesn't have any say in the booking of the show.

Considering Shane is a father of three boys, He probably got his own wishes from his sons while also sending along wishes to his father away from public eyes.


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