Mattel Samoa Joe Elite AVAILABLE! AJ and "Flashback" Shane Coming

Mattel Samoa Joe Elite AVAILABLE! AJ and "Flashback" Shane Coming

By Marchman · Friday, June 16, 2017 · 0 Comments

Shane McMahon

We have some news about some brand new action figures from Mattel. These aren't just any action figures though, they are all exclusives that are only sold in specific locations.

Before he was challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, Samoa Joe was dominating NXT and calling out William Regal's name like every single week. Anyway, a new figure of "The Destroyer" is now AVAILABLE to order from Ringside Collectibles, or you can purchase it from Gamestop. 

The figure includes Joe with his white towel and a replica of the NXT Championship that he held last year. He has an angry headsculpt, and he is wearing yellow and black ring shorts (the true colors of NXT). If you enjoyed Joe's work in NXT, then this is the action figure for you.

You may view or order the action figure here:

We also have a new AJ Styles figure that is up for pre-order on Ringside as well. This AJ Styles figure was an exclusive action figure on and WWE Fan Axxess in Orlando earlier this year, but he can be yours to own very soon. The figure has basic articulation, accurate tattoos, red ring tights, white boots, and red gloves. "The Phenomenal One" is very popular when it comes to Mattel action figures, so you may want to order yours as soon as possible. "The Champ That Runs the Camp" will be released in early-August.

You may view or order the action figure here:

Finally, we have a brand new "Flashback" version of Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon that will be exclusive to Ringside Collectibles. This is an Elite-style action figure that is based off of his iconic street fight with Kurt Angle from King of the Ring 2001. The packaging is specially dedicated to the match and McMahon. The figure has black hair, blue ring pants, and a red jersey with "Super Mac" and "Kurt's Kryptonite", as well as the King of the Ring logo on the back.

The most unique feature that this action figure has is the inclusion of one of the gigantic "KOR" panels from the match that Shane ended up going through. Yes, the panel can be broken! All we need now is a Kurt Angle figure from the match to complete the set.

The new exclusive can only be ordered through Ringside Collectibles. The new figure is up for pre-order and it will be released in late-July.

You may view or order the action figure here:


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