WWE American Alpha Star Jason Jordan Dreams Of Facing AJ Styles
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WWE American Alpha Star Jason Jordan Dreams Of Facing AJ Styles

By JosephSpencer17 · Sunday, June 4, 2017 · 0 Comments


American Alpha's Jason Jordan spoke with NBC Elmira (NY) to promote the SmackDown Live Summerslam Live Heat Wave Tour show at First Arena this Monday.

It will mark the first WWE appearance in that market in nearly a decade.

Two of the most interesting parts of the article concerned Jordan's future dream matches, both as a tag team member and as a singles wrestler. He also was asked a question about possibly bring back the "Team Angle" gimmick.

Here are quotes from the interview with NBC Elmira with transcription provided by WrestlingInc.com's Joshua Gagnon:

Dream WWE matches:

It would be really nice to wrestle The Hardy Boyz or Cesaro and Sheamus. ...But also, this is further in advance after American Alpha has run its course, at some point I would love to get in there and wrestle a singles match with AJ Styles. I know that he's hot right now and he's clearly one of the best in the WWE, period.

American Alpha separating from other similar tag teams, potentially working with Kurt Angle:

We realized everybody was going to make the correlation between World's Greatest Tag Team or Team Kurt Angle, and us. We still want to be our own individuals. We still want to be American Alpha and not Team Angle 2.0. But if the opportunity came and Kurt would put his stamp on us, then we could essentially be Team Angle, but we would like to be Team Alpha with the tutelage of Team Angle. We want the separation between the two. We're our own tag team.

Here is a link to the full video interview:


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