Ringside Exclusive "Balor Club" Finn Balor AVAILABLE to Order

Ringside Exclusive "Balor Club" Finn Balor AVAILABLE to Order

By Marchman · Monday, May 29, 2017 · 0 Comments

Finn Balor

The long-awaited new Finn Balor elite figure has been released at last! This new action figure from Mattel is a Ringside Collectibles Exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. What's interesting about this particular figure is that it is literally just Finn Balor. That may sound strange, but every Elite edition of Finn Balor has been based off of his "Demon King" persona. While those action figures have definitely proven to be incredible and popular, Mattel has never before released a detailed version of the man himself. That all changes with Ringside's newest offering of a 'Balor Club' version of the Irish superstar.

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Even the packaging manages to stand out! This new action figure arrives in neat 'Balor Club' packaging, and it has a brief description of what Finn has accomplished thus far in his WWE career. The action figure itself has Finn arriving with a smirking headscan, and he is completely decked out in black. Balor Club trunks, kneepads, and the rest of his gear are all based off of his fictitious "club". The torso is accurately detailed, and he comes with two different accessories. The first one is the Balor Club t-shirt that can be placed over the figure, the other is a very specially made leather jacket. The jacket is immensely detailed with the Balor Club lettering written on the back in black. It even has a popped collar!

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The new "Balor Club" Finn Balor exclusive joins a long list of great exclusive figures that Mattel has made. It is different from past versions of Finn's figures, and it will definitely fit in well with anybody's collection. The next exclusives will be the Gamestop editions of Samoa Joe and Chris Jericho, and if those turn out to be anything like Balor here, you'd better start saving your money now. The new Finn Balor exclusive is in-stock right now, and it can only be ordered over at RingsideCollectibles.com. You may view or purchase the action figure here: http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/finn-balor-club-wwe-toy-wrestling-figure-rex-130.html

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