Figure News: <a href= target=_blank></a> Wants YOU to Decide a Superstar's Debut Look

Figure News: Wants YOU to Decide a Superstar's Debut Look

By Marchman · Sunday, May 28, 2017 · 0 Comments

Daniel Bryan

Mattel returns to us today with the final poll to help determine the latest addition to their Elite line of action figures. Over the past week or so, we've been asked to help vote for a first-time male figure, a first-time cruiserweight figure, and a first-time female elite figure. This time, things are a bit different, as out three choices have had plenty of figures in the past, but the winner here would be recaptured from their WWE debut. The Elite lineup consists of figures with more detail, articulation, and accessories than any other series that Mattel produces.

Our first option is Daniel Bryan from his very first appearance on WWE television. You may remember a time back in 2010 when NXT was aired before Smackdown taped every week. A beardless Daniel Bryan first appeared on this show. This action figure would likely include his maroon trunks and the red robe that he wore on the show before becoming the superstar and leader of the "Yes Movement".

Back in 2002, Randy Orton made his WWE television debut against Hardcore Holly. He had blue trunks, a full head of hair, and only about two or three tribal tattoos. Randy Orton has had a few figures from Mattel based off of his "Legend Killer" and Evolution runs, but never quite such a literal debut figure before. A win here would definitely bring out the very beginning of Orton's fifteen year-long career.

He wasn't always an 'A-Lister'. The final option to vote for in this poll is The Miz. Back before becoming an Hollywood star, or marrying Maryse, or teaming with his stunt double, or winning the WWE Championship, or winning the Money in the Bank match, or anything else, The Miz was looked at quite differently. This figure is based off of his debut Smackdown match against Tatanka. The Miz would be made with his old baggy shorts and with his long-abandoned mohawk.

Mattel has made multiple figures of all three of these men, but an action figure based off of their WWE debuts would definitely help capture the entire career of these three. The poll is open to anyone at at the moment, anyone who wishes to vote may do so over at Hopefully WWE and Mattel decide to do more fan poll for future action figures, because the speculation has certainly been a ton of fun.

You may vote in the poll here:


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