Figure News: Mattel Wants YOU to Decide a Female Elite Figure

Figure News: Mattel Wants YOU to Decide a Female Elite Figure

By Marchman · Thursday, May 25, 2017 · 0 Comments

Nia Jax

Mattel's back with a new poll for us all today on We have already decided on a male superstar to receive his first action figure via the elite line, as well as a 205 Live star to debut in the line. This time we are looking at three female superstars to receive their first figure in Mattel's biggest lineup. The Elite line of figures includes superstars with immense detail, articulation, and accessories than more standard Mattel figures. Basically, who would you be willing to see in the lineup and pay around $20 for?

Nia Jax is listed in this poll. Jax may brag about not being a "Barbie doll", but it appears that she may become a Mattel product anyway if she wins this poll. She's not like most action figures though, because her unique body type and outfit is something that would stand out from past female elite Mattel figures. In fact, she'll make all of those figure look like "scared... little... girls!" by comparison. Jax did receive a fantastic debut figure in the Basic 72 series, but I could see her getting an elite figure down the line, even if she loses this poll.

The Princess of Staten Island has also joined the list here. Carmella certainly has a litany of different outfits, hats, jackets, and such that would make her the quintessential elite figure. If you enjoyed her during her NXT run, she can go with your elite Enzo Amore and Big Cass figures. If you enjoy her run on Smackdown, well Mattel has yet to make a James Ellsworth figure (though it would be funny if he came as an accessory). Carmella could be the most fabulous elite figure around if she wins, and you can't teach that.

The final option includes Emma, and no, not Emmalina. Instead, we would be getting "Evil Emma", which could make for an interesting elite figure. The outfit, gloves, shoulder pads and such would all be nice to see added into the elite lineup. Luckily, Dana Brooke wasn't included in the poll as I had feared when it was first announced. However, Emma still has a shot of making it into the prestigious line of action figures.

I should remind you all that while Mattel has included more female superstars in the elite lineups post-Women's Evolution, they still don't include them in the series that often, and they'll usually only have one per series too. If you feel strongly about seeing any of these candidates added to the elite line, then now is your chance to help make it a reality. The poll is currently active on right now, anybody who wishes to vote in it may do so. After casting your vote, the site should deliver the following message: "Thank you for your vote! Check back with on Sunday to choose which Superstar’s first WWE appearance will be immortalized as an Elite Series action figure!" It'll be interesting to see if they're referring to a current roster member or a "Flashback" figure here. Check back Sunday for the latest poll on

You may vote in the poll here:


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