Figure News: <a href= target=_blank></a> Wants YOU to Vote for a Cruiserweight Elite

Figure News: Wants YOU to Vote for a Cruiserweight Elite

By Marchman · Tuesday, May 23, 2017 · 0 Comments

Akira Tozawa

Mattel is back with another poll on, and it's a good one if you're a fan of the Cruiserweights over on 205 Live. The choices are a bit more obscure than some of the names you'd expect to be on this poll, but that's good. Just allows for more variety in the lineups. This is a poll to decide which cruiserweight will appear in a future Elite lineup, this means an action figure with immense detail, articulation, and with accessories.

The first figure listed is Puerto Rico's own Lince Dorado. Though he rarely appears on television, and is mostly on the losing end when he does, Dorado is an insanely talented luchador. He would be a fine addition to the elite line with his signature mask and entrance cape. He could definitely make for a great figure, and you have the chance to vote for the "Golden Lynx" over on

Gran Metalik may come as a surprising choice to put in this poll. He's barely been on WWE television since being signed, and if you're unfamiliar with his work, check out some of his matches from the Cruiserweight Classic last summer. Metalik was a standout and made it to the finals of the tournament before losing to TJ Perkins. The wrestling attire, mask, entrance gear would be great and Mattel would probably knock it out of the park. Gran Metalik could be bouncing into your collection very soon.

AH! AH! AH! Ah yeah! The third and final option available is Japan's own Akira Tozawa. Tozawa has definitely appeared on WWE television more than the other two cruiserweights listed, and it is very possible that he could be the favorite to win. The only issue is that elite figures typically come with an accessory to help sell the figure. Tozawa usually only has himself, but Mattel has been known to throw in some generic accessories anyway for some elite figures. Tozawa would be a nice debut figure for any series, but the $20 elite price tag is something to take into consideration for all of these figures.

All three of these cruiserweight wrestlers would make for some great future elite figures, but only one can win the poll. These three options likely indicates that more well-known 205 Live stars, such as TJP, Brian Kendrick, and Jack Gallagher are likely making their Mattel debuts soon. The poll is currently up for voting and anyone who wishes to choose a future action figure may do so now on After casting your vote, the website delivers this statement: "Check back with this Thursday to choose which Women’s division Superstar will debut as an Elite Series action figure!" VOTE TODAY!

You may vote in the poll here:


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