WWE Looking to Reach Settlements in Concussion Lawsuits

By Marchman · Saturday, May 20, 2017 · 0 Comments


For those who may not know, WWE was hit hard by a number of former wrestlers all filing lawsuits against them last year. These wrestlers all claim that WWE knew about the effects of concussions and withheld information from said wrestlers, thus leading to long-term health affects that they all currently have. EWrestlingNews.com reports that Judge Vanessa L. Bryant ordered lawyers to speak with their clients on reaching settlement agreements. The claims would all be thrown out except for the one about WWE hiding their knowledge of long-term head injury risks from its performers, this is because the court believes it is still a real possibility.

WWE submitted a follow up request on May 12th regarding the current state of a possible Summary Judgement. During this, they claimed that they had no knowledge of how dangerous concussions were, and that they first became aware of CTE in 2007. WWE has obviously taken injuries and especially concussions much more seriously over the years, and whenever a talent is injured, you'll usually find them praising WWE's medical staff on television right away. Back in the day though, it was commonplace to work while injured, and it has done some horrifying damage to some of these former superstars. Past lawsuits brought on by the likes of Nelson 'Mabel' Frazier and Matt Osborne's estates, who each claimed concussion symptoms helped cause their early deaths, have been dismissed.

From a business standpoint, it makes sense that WWE would want to put an end to all of the noise, and make these lawsuits go away. The company has really pushed itself in recent years as an organization that puts the health and well-being of their performers first. Who's to say if they truly were not aware of the lasting effects that head injuries can cause? Should WWE reach a settlement with any of the plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit, they'll hopefully make peace with some of those wrestlers. Stranger things have certainly happened in this business, but we'll let you know what happens next as the lawsuit continues on.


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