Vince McMahon Returns to Running TV After Weeks-Long Hiatus

Vince McMahon Returns to Running TV After Weeks-Long Hiatus

By Marchman · Friday, May 19, 2017 · 0 Comments

Vince McMahon

The Chairman has returned to the company! It had been reported in that past that WWE CEO Vince McMahon had missed a couple of shows over the past few weeks. According to Sportskeeda, it appears that Vince was in attendance for the most recent edition of Raw in New Jersey. The belief is that McMahon missed about three straight weeks of shows, and he also did not attend the European tour as well. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were running the shows over that period of time, but he will continue to be in charge going forward.

It had been reported a while ago that Vince missed a Raw shows back about a month ago. It appears that he could possibly be winding down his schedule over the next few weeks as his daughter and son in-law begin to take control. It had been reported that some people backstage and the creative team were all much more relaxed without Vince being around. It should be noted that ratings for the show has been declining throughout the weeks as well, this may actually encourage Vince to stick around for a while and keep running things as they've always been. No word on why Vince McMahon decided to skip some shows recently, but he is 71-years-old, and it may be time for him to slow down at last.

Vince McMahon has always been very dedicated to his creation, and was known for never missing a single one of his shows. This is why him being gone for about a month came as a surprise to many different people. Even though he could be winding down, Vince will likely remain in charge until he is physically incapable of doing so. Don't expect to see anybody take the reigns from McMahon anytime soon, because it looks like he still has a goal to make Roman Reigns his next big star, as well as a few other projects. So Vince McMahon has returned, and he will continue to run WWE for years and years to come.


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