Lana, Sasha Banks Feud On Twitter About Comments From Melina

By JosephSpencer17 · Friday, May 19, 2017 · 0 Comments

Sasha Banks

The WWE women's division took turns tweeting barbs at each other Thursday.

Lana attempted to defend herself for liking some tweets from Melina, who had originally commented on Sasha Banks' loss on Raw to Alicia Fox. Melina said she intended only to say she was being drawn into the story between the two wrestlers, but some fans began taking the comments as criticism of Banks.

After Lana liked the comments and saw that some on Twitter thought she was dissing Banks, Lana clarified her comments by tweeting that, "Sasha is a game changer wrestler." 

Here is a link to the tweets involved:

Melina's tweets

Lana's tweets

Sasha Banks and Summer Rae have since started using a hashtag #BL2017, which fans are assuming means Block Lana 2017, due to Lana tweeting that she would block any haters.

Here are Sasha's and Summer Rae's tweets:





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