Lillian Garcia Talks About Wearing A Swimsuit in WWE,With Bulimia

Lillian Garcia Talks About Wearing A Swimsuit in WWE,With Bulimia

By mary_lee12 · Thursday, May 18, 2017 · 0 Comments

Lilian Garcia recently had an interview with After Buzz Tv. She talks about the segments with The Rock, her battles with bulimia, and the segments where she had to wear a swimsuit. 

She Talks About Being Self-Conscious About Showing Off Her Body In A Swimsuit

"So what happened was they wanted me to be in a swimsuit competition. I had never done a swimsuit competition. In the pageants I had; however, it was a long time I've been in the pageants. I also had since the pageants I had suffered from bulimia. I became very self-conscious with my body and the thought of parading my body in the middle of a ring for people to look at was mortifying to me. When I told WWE that I didn't feel comfortable about this and I mean I was really freaking out, I was in tears, I couldn't even explain to them why because I hadn't really come free and out in the open saying I had suffered from bulimia, I have body issues and so this is a really horrible thing for me to put myself in. I just... I'm gonna, I'll break down right in the middle of the ring, I will, I just know it. I had total respect for anyone who wants to do it, like I don't care, you know if that's what you wanna do, but for me, my personal thing."

Her Battle With Bulimia

"I struggled, the worst part about it I think was probably three years and then I finally got help. I threw up 15 times in one day... I drove around to different-McDonalds and then I'd go over to 7-11 and I'd throw up there. And I was just really going through a lot and in my life, I just remember feeling like I had no control. I was in college actually, I remember I was in college during this time... You know how I became-I just remembered now. I never had a weight issue at all growing up, but here's the thing. I never had a weight issue, I hit college and all of the sudden my metabolism changed and now all of a sudden I'm gaining weight and I don't know how to deal with it. And so that was the time where it just became popular to do that so I started doing that. And then it became-I lost control, I thought I was in control, I lost control. Plus that was before you knew it was bad for this, bad for that, all of a sudden my teeth are turning grey. It was just crazy...So anyway, that was the day I threw up blood actually and that's when I said 'I gotta get help'. So I went and got help and thank God for the guy, he was pretty fast at helping me out, patient, but it still lingers with me throughout the years and when I say linger, you will have an episode. It triggers, you throw up and then you go 'ugh' and then you're like stay clean for a while and then you'll have an episode and that went on for a few years."

The Rock And The Strudel

"I did backstage interviews on Smackdown which is why The Rock and I had a lot of great backstage interviews because we were doing them on RAW and there was a whole chemistry there or whatever, which was cool that the writers saw that and went with that. Could you imagine if he becomes president, people are gonna start looking, The Strudel was born during my interview, oh my God! If you Google the Lilian Garcia interview, that's like the first one you see."

Source: via Raj Giri


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