WWE Still Reportedly Wants to Bring Mauro Ranallo Back

WWE Still Reportedly Wants to Bring Mauro Ranallo Back

By Marchman · Thursday, May 18, 2017 · 0 Comments


One of the biggest stories to happen in the world of wrestling in 2017 was the situation involving Mauro Ranallo and JBL. The two worked together as commentators over on Smackdown, and it was eventually reported that JBL had been bullying Mauro Ranallo over the course of his WWE tenure. This brought on Ranallo's nearly lifelong case of bipolar depression. As the story progressed, it became heavily featured and divisive as well. After a while, Ranallo announced that he had decided to leave WWE. Though he claimed that his departure was in no way related to JBL, it was believed that WWE reached a settlement with him not to comment on the matter.

It appears that the door may not be closed just yet though. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that WWE would actually like to bring back Ranallo in the future. One of the reported reasons is that WWE would love to use him in an ambassador role, this would allow him to attend Be a Star rallies and such to talk about issues such as depression. Another reason is, believe it or not, that WWE just thinks that he is a a great announcer. He may not return to the company to do announcing over on Raw or Smackdown, but he could lend his voice to any other additional piece of programming that WWE has. WWE did like Ranallo enough to name him "The Voice of Smackdown" before he ended up leaving the company.

Mauro was undoubtedly one of the best announcers that WWE has had in a very long time. Ranallo has even said before that he still plans on announcing for pro wrestling, so it makes sense that WWE wouldn't want any other wrestling promotion to take him away. Could we see Ranallo return on NXT or for the new UK Championship series? I'd consider it a long shot, but stranger things have definitely happened in this business. In the meantime, Mauro is keeping himself busy with Showtime Boxing and other announcing commitments that he has lined up for himself. This isn't the first time that WWE has reportedly been interested in bringing Mauro back, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.


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