First Scans Revealed Of AJ Styles' WWE 2K18 Character/Expectation

First Scans Revealed Of AJ Styles' WWE 2K18 Character/Expectation

By joeylegend42 · Wednesday, May 17, 2017 · 0 Comments


AJ Styles is the superstar that we know of that will definitely be in WWE 2K18. A body scan of Styles was released as Pixelgun Studio was testing their 3D printer. 

This is the first real news in regards to WWE 2K18. If you want to call it news that is. It seems pretty interesting though that AJ Styles was revealed first over the likes of current WWE Champion Randy Orton and even the golden boy of the WWE Roman Reigns. For one thing, I wouldn't look too much into this just because all it appears to be is Pixelgun Studio testing out their hardware. 

Hopefully, in the coming days, we will get some substantial news in regards to WWE 2K18.

The expectation that I personally have is that we hear something about the new cover athlete for the game. The cover athlete can be just about anyone in the company. Roman Reigns seems like a logical choice just because of the simple fact that the WWE is infatuated with him. AJ Styles is also a strong possibility to be the cover athlete of the game. The kind of year AJ Styles has had with the company is quite unheard of simply because he hasn't been with the company all that long. Charlotte Flair being on the cover would be a welcomed change because we have never seen a woman solely on the cover of a WWE game. Charlotte can potentially break that mold.


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