WWE Mattel Basic Series 74 Available to Order NOW!

WWE Mattel Basic Series 74 Available to Order NOW!

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Basics, basics, basics. It's all about basic with you isn't it Mattel? The toy company brings us another round of exciting new action figures. This is Series 74 of Matte's basic figure line, these are standard Mattel WWE action figures with no accessories, no complexity, just the simple stuff. Let's get on with the basics.

Roman Reigns returns in this series, this time looking a little different at least. Roman has his usual serious headsculpt, along with a new attire. He sports a new black and orange color scheme on his vest and hand gauntlets. The gauntlets are painted along his wrists, but his vest is removable and it has his symbol on the front. Oh yes, "The Big Dog" is back!

John Cena is shown in this series, although this figure is more of a basic version of his figure from Elite Series 50. He wears khaki pants, blue and red wristbands, and black sneakers as well. He is happy to see you though, as he comes with a new smirking/smiling headsculpt. He also has a painted blue armband that reads "Never Give Up".

Next we have "The Destroyer" Samoa Joe. The main draw of this figure is that he has a brand new headsculpt, whereas in the past every Joe figure had used the same one. The new head shows Joe giving a angry, growling facial expression. He also wears the usual black and red shorts that usually wrestles in. The legs still seem a bit too skinny, and the packaging still lists him as an NXT Superstar as well. If you get this edition of Joe, hopefully you don't have a William Regal figure in your collection.

"The Man That Mattel Nearly Forgot" makes his return to figure-form after being gone for a couple of waves now. Neville gets a new figure in this series, this isn't quite "King of the Cruiserweights" Neville, but it's more of a figure representing the very end of his "superhero" gimmick. He wears red and black trunks with some sick looking boots, and he has red and black wrist bands as well. Neville does have an angry headsculpt though, perfect for a future cruiserweight edition of Neville. Wow, even his action figure's ears are big.

It's... Bayley! Bayley comes back here with her new screaming headsculpt. I know that on WWE's Breaking Ground show they shot a scene where Mattel gets this expression from Bayley, this is why they love using it so much, but it looks more to me likes she's yawning here. Bayley's decked out in green wrestling attire with silver stars plastered throughout. She also has her signature side ponytail. Too bad this isn't like the other action figures, it's just a fan.

Who's this? Well, that's gotta be KANE! That's right, it's future mayoral candidate Kane, only with a twist. For the "Flashback" collectors, it's a new figure of Kane from his early run in the attitude era. The original mask, the red and black gear, it's all here! The mask is replicated nicely here, and the suit is double-sleeved. Fans of the original incarnation of Kane will definitely make this one a must-have for their collections.

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The entire series is available to order now. You may view or order any of these figures here: http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/mattel-toy-wrestling-action-figures-wwe-series-74.html


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