Figure News: Mattel to Announce NXT Figure Series Before Takeover

Figure News: Mattel to Announce NXT Figure Series Before Takeover

By Marchman · Tuesday, May 16, 2017 · 0 Comments

Austin Aries

  Mattel may have a big announcement to make before Takeover this weekend. It certainly seems as if the company will be announcing a brand new assortment of NXT-related action figures during that day. NXT's official social media pages have been teasing a few different images with hints as to who they are all week long. Each post mentions that all will be revealed when Mattel makes an announcement on May 20th, which is the same day as NXT Takeover: Chicago. Every image is hidden as a silhouette, but the hints and images aren't exactly too complex to decipher.

  The first one mentioned on NXT's Instagram page is a bit a skinny-shaped figure with his fist in the air. The caption in the post reads:"We have a feeling @mattel’s announcement on Saturday, May 20 will be a #Perfect10..." A clear reference to the "Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger. The figure looks like a basic one.

Another one shown is a photo of someone with some crazy hair and what looks like a jacket placed over him. Due to NXT wrestler No Way Jose's attire being white, you can sort of already see the contrast if you look closely at the image. Well that and the fact that with his recognizable hair, it's pretty obvious that it's No Way Jose. This figure appears to be an elite one due to the articulation of the figure, as well as the jacket that comes with it. The caption states: "Does @mattel have an exciting announcement on Saturday, May 20? Yes, way!"