INDY NEWS: Kentucky and Virginia results

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Shelbyville-- Appalachian Mountain Wrestling at The Clear Creek Park Recreation Center: Maxx Sledd pinned Casey Reeves... Women's Champion Misty James pinned Big Mamma... Jordan Clearwater pinned Beau James... Clinton Stacy and Kyle Maggard beat Stan Lee and Daniel Richards .... Appalachian Champion Stan Sierra pinned Larry D. 
(5/12/17)                                                                                                           -- Nathan Lyttle


Pearisburg-- All Star Wrestling at The Community Center: Nate Diamond and The Wolf beat Joe Briggs and Austin Mitchell... Beau James pinned Daniel Richards... Women's Champion Misty James pinned Rebecca Lynn... Jimmy Valiant, The Iron Cross, and Frank Parker beat Drake Tungston, Stan Lee, and Sexy Kevina... Daniel Hallen pinned Sargent Long
(5/13/17)                                                                                                            -- Brian Stanley


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