Worst Wrestling Games Of All Time Part 1

Worst Wrestling Games Of All Time Part 1

By joeylegend42 · Monday, May 15, 2017 · 0 Comments


There have been a number of wrestling games that have fallen short of expectations. In this series, I will be sharing with you guys, in my opinion, the worst wrestling video games of all time. Let's start with WCW Backstage Assault. 

WCW Backstage Assault had a really cool premise but that's about it. Backstage Assault wasn't your traditional wrestling game. In fact, the matches you competed in never took place in an actual wrestling ring. All matches took place backstage and right fully so. The game is named Backstage Assault after all. The whole backstage premise seems like a fun way to build a wrestling game around. Just think of what you can do backstage in the WWE games of today. So, if executed well it can be really fun. But when it comes to WCW Backstage Assault that simply wasn't the case.

WCW Backstage Assault had your typical game modes. They had your traditional exhibition matches. The main mode that the game was centered around was a tournament like mode. It was called hardcore challenge. You would go up the ranks by competing for three different championships. However, each championship had a difficulty level you had to play in order to obtain it. If you wanted to go for the Hardcore title you would play on easy, US title you would play on normal, and for the World championship, you would play on hard. That's all well and good. Seems like an interesting way to set up the mode. However, it being called Backstage Assault shouldn't you have had the Hardcore title as the main title to go for?? You know since the game is centered around hardcore wrestling. They could have had the Television championship as the third-tier title, followed by the US championship, and then finally you would round out the mode by going for the hardcore title. 

I'm not going to bore you about the graphics and gameplay. You can see for yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uUxWfX15tQ

WCW Backstage Assault was an interesting premise but the game was terribly executed. Hopefully, we will never see a wrestling game like this ever again. 



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