Randy Orton Insults Indy Wrestling and Bully Ray, Reactions

Randy Orton Insults Indy Wrestling and Bully Ray, Reactions

By Marchman · Monday, May 15, 2017 · 1 Comments

Randy Orton

Current WWE Champion is not a fan of indy wrestling at the moment. He made that fact clear when he commented on some statements made by wrestling veteran Rip Rogers. Rogers sent out the following message: “Every Indy match now: handshake, drawn out move exchange, this is awesome chant, strike exchange, dive no sell Indy strongstyle, dive, more strikes, no sells, dive, flippy floppy sequence, dive, hit everyone with each other’s finisher then Humpty Dumpty we all fall down. Fight forever chant, rinse and repeat until every move is useless and means nothing, dive, take unsafe shot that looks like sh## and hurts like hell then roll up finish. Hand shake and hug after match. Everyone’s hands raised. All these guys chant. Go home and type on social media thanking your opponents and company for the match and telling others they should book these guys. ……………dive.” This led to Orton commenting on the message by simply adding, ".....dive".

This was already enough to cause some debate within the wrestling world. Stars such as Matt Hardy, CM Punk, Ricochet, Will Ospreay, TJ Perkins and others have since defended their wrestling styles. While Rogers has continued ranting about the state of indy wrestling, Orton caused a stir when, seemingly out of nowhere (no pun intended), he insulted Bully Ray (formerly Bubba Ray Dudley) after he posted a photo of himself doing a dive at a Ring of Honor show. Orton wrote: “lol there is a difference between a young hungry talent diving and an old outta shape ‘vet’ …..falling”. After his tweets received backlash from many fans and wrestlers alike, Orton delivered this 'apology' to those he offended: “Sorry to the indy marks, indy guys and old timers who do DIVES [that] took offense. Just having a good time over a few drinks in Denmark closing the Smackdown Live tour, while beating Raw in making over 5 million dollars in the last 11 shows. Now I know to some that doesn’t equate to a standing room only crowd of 150 people paying $8 at an armory somewhere, but in the big boy world that’s called putting asses in seats. So enjoy your flips, dives, and 20 superkicks per match. To each their own. I will go ‘dive’ back into my 13th title run and get ready to ‘flip’ when my bank statement comes this month. …..headlock”.

Ray has since responded to Orton's remarks with this statement: "Dear @RandyOrton … my tweet had ZERO to do with you. Looks like you were wrong…again. You’re still awesome. Falling > House of Horrors. https://t.co/IMG4O59wYo" He followed up that with this message earlier this morning: "Tonight, I worked the @ringofhonor TV tapings in the same bingo hall I started in 22yrs ago. And I couldn’t be HAPPIER. …dive." If Orton and his tirade against indy wrestling continues, it will probably get uglier with each passing week. If Randy is trolling fans, it's a bit reminiscent of a similar 'anti-indy' gimmick that Baron Corbin was using towards the end of his NXT run, but this is a real mindset that many in the business absolutely believe. Orton is currently the WWE Champion over on Smackdown and will be facing Jinder Mahal at Backlash this Sunday.


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Rip Rogers did the insulting, Orton agreed with and expanded on it.


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