WWE 2K18 Cover Speculation

WWE 2K18 Cover Speculation

By joeylegend42 · Saturday, May 13, 2017 · 0 Comments


  We have seen many iconic superstars grace the cover of WWE games. Superstars from Hulk Hogan to Brock Lesnar have graced the cover of the franchise. There hasn't been a definitive cover superstar named yet for WWE 2K18 however here are three superstars that I think could grace the cover of the game.

AJ Styles has had one heck of a run with the company. Since making his WWE debut back at the Rumble of 2016 Styles has been involved in some of the best feuds the product has to offer. Styles has feuded with the likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Kevin Owens. Styles also had a reign with the WWE Championship. Styles winning the WWE Championship is by far his best accomplishment in his pro wrestling career. AJ Styles being on the cover of WWE 2K 18 is sure a strong possibility. 

There has never been a woman wrestler that has graced the cover of a WWE game in its history. That's if you don't count Torrie Wilsons appearance on Here Comes the Pain. However, we all know that her being on the cover was every teenage boy's dream. She was wearing lingerie for crying out loud. Ever since then the perspective of women's wrestling has changed. Charlotte Flair is by far the most impressive woman wrestler on the roster. She has had one heck of a time ever since being called up to the main roster. She had a streak of 16 straight pay per view victories and she has had numerous runs with the RAW Women's Championship. Charlotte Flair gracing the cover of WWE 2K18 as a wrestler and not a diva would speak volumes of how far women's wrestling has come. In my opinion, Charlotte Flair has earned that right to represent just that. 

Last but not least we can't forget about the deadman himself The Undertaker. With the possibility that his past WreslteMania match could have been his last him being on the cover of WWE 2K18 would sure be one heck of a send-off. The Undertaker has done so much for the WWE that putting him on the cover of this game would be looked at as a token of appreciation from the company. Let's not forget even though he his most likely retired there is still money in the name and the WWE would be foolish to pass this one up especially if this past WrestleMania possibly being his last.



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