WWE Mattel Basic Series 73 Available to Order NOW!

By Marchman · Friday, May 12, 2017 · 0 Comments

Big E Langston

Basics are back! This is Series 73 in Mattel's standard line of WWE action figures. No new people, it's all returning faces this time around. I'm sure Mattel will make it up to us somehow in the next few waves though. Anyway, let's start with the basics!

Kevin Owens returns in this lineup and he does not look very amused. He arrives in his "Prizefighter" red and white attire that he debuted at Wrestlemania 32. These basic Kevin Owens figures are far too skinny in the guy region. At least his elite figures have a shirt placed over his torso, thereby creating an extra layer of fat. His arms are also far too muscular as well, but Mattel has made Owens' figures like this for a while. Ah well.

Cesaro also is back with a brand new smiling headsculpt and one closed fist for uppercutting. His attire is based off of what he wore after returning from injury last year. He does not have any chest hair, but the physique itself it pretty accurate and so is the attire. This figure does not include the kinesiology tape that Cesaro wears regularly yet. Maybe Mattel can't do that for some reason, but I think we'll end up seeing it on future Cesaro figures soon.

Triple H gets yet another chance to shine in this series. For a person who rarely wrestles anymore and doesn't really have a wide array of wrestling attires to choose from, it seems strange that Mattel keeps on producing his figures. It's not bad or anything, the head is very accurate as it perfectly captures "The Game's" signature snarl. It's also based on when he main evented Wrestlemania last year with Roman Reigns, sans the WWE Championship belt and the skeleton men who followed him to the ring. This figure was already made into an Elite edition and so was his wife from that match, but if you'd like that Triple H for about $10 less, here's your chance.

Big E also comes in this series without any of his New Day counterparts. I know that pink is usually what the team wears, but I know that they've worn other colors in the past. It would be nice for a change every now and then. Big E comes with a kooky, craaaazy, shouting headsculpt, and his attire is really just a bland pink singlet with the old New Day 'phoenix' logo on it. I suspect in the future we'll have more outlandish New Day figures with Booty O's and ice cream mentions aplenty. 

Seth Rollins returns to the basic line with a screaming headsculpt. The major flaw is that this head doesn't look quite accurate, it looks as though someone fattened up Rollins' face. The previous scan they used of him laughing was much better. Other than that, it's pretty decent. It's the first Mattel figure to utilize Rollins' grey and black attire that he's worn ever since coming back from an injury last year. The symbols on his back are there, he's thin and ripped, he's a regular Crossfit Jesus. 

The last figure here is AJ Styles. No new headsculpt or anything here, just a new wrestling attire. This one is black and grey, and rather similar to his other figures so far actually. It's based on his time with "The Club" last year and it includes the logo on the side of his tights. He also has 'P1' logo, tattoos, and other details as well. It's a good figure, but doesn't really add anything new. The first few AJ figures were very popular and were hard to come by though, so this is probably just an easy way to get another out for those who've missed the chance to buy him so far.

The entire series is available to order now. You may view or order any of these figures here: http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/mattel-toy-wrestling-action-figures-wwe-series-73.html


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