John Cena Speaks On Roman Reigns' Rise, Why He Wears Sneakers

By JosephSpencer17 · Friday, May 12, 2017 · 1 Comments

John Cena

John Cena spoke with Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso on an Extra Mustard piece published online Friday.

Among other things, the WWE icon talked about his willingness to cede the spotlight right now to Roman Reigns. Here is what Cena had to say about Reigns' rise as a main draw for WWE:

“Roman is in the trenches every night and he’s performing at an elite level with a champion caliber attitude. His performance and the response that he gets from certain audiences is indicative of an elite-level performer. He’s doing what I did in 2006, 2007, and 2008. He has all the justification in the world in saying it’s his yard.”

Cena also spoke about the premier of his new movie, The Wall, a military action flick hitting theaters Friday. Here is why you should watch, according to Cena:

“If you’re a WWE fan, you’ll be able to see me in a very different light. I didn’t say ‘John Cena fan’, I said WWE fan. A lot of WWE fans want to see me in a different light. Whether you’re a fan of me or not on WWE television, this is a chance to see me in a different light.”

Cena has always managed his brand and his in-ring persona how he sees fit, despite criticism from some in the WWE Universe that his character is stale. Part of the individualism he's showcased in the ring has included his ring wear. He wears sneakers, shorts and t-shirts to the ring while most performers where tights and boots. It's all part of Cena's take on how he conducts himself and manages his brand and its impact on the wrestling business.

“I’m a very weird thinker when it comes to WWE. If you look at every major sport, their uniforms continue to evolve and change. I think patent leather boots are archaic. We have wonderful technology as far as footwear. I certainly am glad to come out in shoes because I can now wear a more functional cross-training shoe in the ring, whether it’s a low top or high top or three-quarter.

The football helmet used to look different, too. Change is always met with adversity. When some people read this, they’ll want me strung from the tallest tree, but that would only make the thousandth time they’d want that. I believe our uniforms, in some cases, are archaic. That deters some people from showing their personality because they get latched onto this ideology.

If you go back and trace the history of professional wrestling, the reason that people wore the high boots, the flashy tights, and the robes was to define personality. The high boots are just an extension of a wrestling shoe. I would like to see more diversity in terms of uniforms as a whole.”

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