WWE Mattel Hollywood Hogan Ringside Exclusive

WWE Mattel Hollywood Hogan Ringside Exclusive

By joeylegend42 · Wednesday, May 10, 2017 · 0 Comments


Mattel is releasing a brand new ringside exclusive Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The figure should release sometime around mid-June. 

This ringside exclusive comes with quite a few accessories. You will have two fabric boas one white and one black, two pairs of interchangeable hands, Hollywood Hogan's signature weight belt, black sunglasses, fabric sleeveless Hollywood Hogan Rules shirt, Hollywood bandanna, and a display stand. The figure also has a removable cross that Hogan famously wore during his time in WCW and WWF/E. The figure can also be seen wearing the famous Hollywood Hogan boots with his face on them.

Hulk Hogan turning heel and becoming Hollywood Hulk Hogan back at the Bash at the Beach in 1996 was an unforgettable moment in professional wrestling history. His heel turn was the heel turn heard around the world. Hogan being the Babe Ruth of professional wrestling makes that comment a bit fitting. If there wasn't Hollywood Hogan one can wonder if Vince McMahon would have created the attitude era. Would he even have had to? 

Hogan being the ultimate heel for the next few years would then carry that persona over to the WWE  in 2002. Hogan did what any long-time veteran should do. Hulk Hogan put over a young man that went by the ring name The Rock at WrestleMania 18. Hulk Hogan turning heel in WCW was something that Vince McMahon was against doing in the WWF but imagine if that happened? Would there have been a Stone Cold Steve Austin? Who's to say Austin wouldn't have received a push in WCW and had the spot Hogan received with the company? 

The point here is Hollywood Hulk Hogan changed the business forever and for the better. If there was never Hollywood Hulk Hogan the closest thing to an edgier product would have been ECW. Let's thank our lucky stars that Hogan had the guts to make that monster heel turn. A heel turn that revolutionized the business. If the businesses ultimate baby face turned heel anyone wrestler can. 

Pre-order this Hollywood Hulk Hogan ringside exclusive today. The link is down below.





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