WWE Mattel Basic Series 72 Available to Order NOW!

WWE Mattel Basic Series 72 Available to Order NOW!

By Marchman · Wednesday, May 10, 2017 · 0 Comments

Nia Jax

Let's talk about action figures. It's time to discuss a new wave of WWE and Mattel's basic figure lineup. This time we'll be looking at the newly released Series 72 of WWE figures. For those who don't know, the basic series of figures typically have less detail and articulation than the elite series of figures, they also typically aren't released with any accessories. However, this series does allow for more figures to come out quickly, as well as for some newer wrestlers to have their first figure.

Zack Ryder returns to the Mattel lineup in this series. He is given his first bearded headscan, and his attire is based off of his Wrestlemania 32 ladder match win from last year. Zack Ryder himself is an avid action figure collector, and is usually very proud to show of his own figures. Expect to see this one in one of his YouTube videos if he hasn't shown it off already.

"The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Amrbrose is here again! I think he's been in every single one of these that I've done. Anyway, he has an open-mouthed headscan with crazy eyes. His figure has the typical 'DA' shirt molded on, and he is wearing blue jeans. Sounds like the IC Champ alright.

Dolph Ziggler has been perfectly encapsulated here in this series. With his brown hair and a smirking expression, he comes in long, black tights. He looks almost like a Shawn Michaels figure, but this is Dolph Ziggler circa 2016 we're talking about here. He does have a ripped physique and the Harley Davidson-esque 'DZ Crew' logo on the back of the tights.

It's a shameful thing... lobster head? I do miss that song. Anyway, Sheamus is here, and like Zack Ryder, his figure is also based off of his Wrestlemania 32 appearance. He wears red trunks and kneepads, and he also has his infamous mohawk. He has one long braid going down his beard, so he may look stupid, but he can still brogue kick any of your action figures. Hopefully they'll make something with him and Cesaro and their tearaway suits.

You know something, guys? This next one, it's not like most figures. Yes, Nia Jax makes her Mattel debut in this lineup. For the most part, Mattel has never really used a completely different body mold for their female figures, so I was interested to see how Nia turned out. All things considered, I thought it turned out great! The facial expression, outfit, shoulder pads, it's all there. She's decked out in black and red, has an angry facial expression, and is a good first figure for Jax. Expect to see more of her in future lineups.

Lastly we have the "King of Strong Style" arriving in this series. Shinsuke Nakamura has had a figure made in Mattel's Defining Moments line, but never in any of their regular series of action figures. Shinsuke is still done very nicely here, as he arrives with a headsculpt exposing his bottom teeth and black mouthguard. He is comes with the red armband that he wears, this can be removed as well. Nakamura is also wearing a red belt, and black tights with studs going down the front of the legs.

The entire series is available to order now. You may view or order any of thees figures here: http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/mattel-toy-wrestling-action-figures-wwe-series-72.html


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