WWE SuperCard Update Adds Mystery To The Game

WWE SuperCard Update Adds Mystery To The Game

By joeylegend42 · Thursday, May 4, 2017 · 0 Comments


  WWE SuperCard has recently received quite an update. The game has been given a new mode but to me that isn't what makes this update. What makes this update is the new log in bonus system that 2K has put in place.

The log in system has been revamped in SuperCard to a point where it adds mystery to the game. For example, you'll still get a brand-new card for logging in every five days. However, the card you get for the log in bonus is different from every other player. You will still get a Survivor card for your first five log ins sure. That's not what changed. What changed is the wrestler you receive will be at random. So, no more will every player in the game receive the same card for same log in bonus. On your fifth day, you can end up with a Kevin Owens card or an AJ Styles card. In my opinion that is much better rather than everyone receiving the same card for the same log in bonus. However not only will you receive a card for your log in bonus but you will also receive more draft picks as well.

The log in bonuses for this month are as follows; if you log in five days in the month you will receive a random survivor card as well as five draft picks, ten log in days will get you a WrestleMania or SummerSlam superstar, one support card that ranges from epic to legendary, and fifty credits. For fifteen days, you will receive one male SummerSlam or hardened card, one legendary or survivor enhancement card, and one hundred credits. Twenty-one days logged in will get you one male hardened or elite card, one legendary or survivor support card, and one hundred and fifty credits. Last but not least if you logged in for twenty-eight days you will receive one male elite or ultimate card, one survivor or WrestleMania enhancement card, and two hundred credits. 

WWE SuperCard is a game that I have shied away from just because of the simple fact that everyone received the same rewards. Now that everyone will be receiving different rewards makes it much more enticing to get back into the game thus adding a bit of mystery.


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