WWE Mattel Battle Packs Series 47 Available to Order NOW!

By Marchman · Wednesday, May 3, 2017 · 0 Comments

Bray Wyatt

A new series of WWE's Battle Packs are here already. It's the 47th series by Mattel that features packs of two wrestlers from WWE. It could be based off of a feud between the two, a tag team, or maybe even just some strange pairing. Let's get into 'em, shall we?

The first one we'll talk about features Roman Reigns and Rusev. This of course is based off of their feud from last year over the United States title. Roman Reigns receives a new vest with red trim around his logo, and his vest is also removable. He also has a new pair of gauntlets on his wrists that look pretty neat. The gauntlets were just pained on his wrists in the past. As for "Handsome" Rusev, he has an updated headscan with his long, flowing hair. He also has been upgraded from shorts to trunks that read "US Champ" across the waistband. A pretty decent pack of figures. Why, oh why did you cut off those locks, Rusev?

Next we have the Hart Foundation. This pack sees Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart together in basic form, they had been released together as elites last year. If you thought that the elites captured the early days of their careers, think again. The most eye-opening aspect of these figures is that they are both wearing blue pants. The Hart Foundation did wear blue and black way back in the past, so the color choice isn't historically inaccurate. It does seem strange though that Mattel would go with a more obscure attire than the iconic pink and black look they became known for. I personally like it, it makes them stand out from past figures of themselves. A nice shoutout for collectors of Legends figures.

We also have Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper each receiving a long-overdue figure upgrade here. The figures are based off of their Wyatt Family reunion from last year. Harper is captured perfectly with his long beard, wild hair, and he is given a sleeveless hoodie to put over his tank top. Wyatt sees some of his dreads put into his hair, as well as a new creepy, smiling headscan, which I think is a major improvement over the last one he had. Seriously, look at his Battle Pack series 38 figure with the Undertaker if you think that I'm wrong. Sadly, the amount of detail put into these two tells me neither one will be getting an Elite figure treatment anytime soon, but I suppose that could change.

Lastly, the never-ending feud continues in your home. Sasha Banks and Charlotte have been paired together at last. This new Sasha figure comes with a new smiling headscan, her most lifelike one yet. She also wears a "Legit Boss" shirt over her wrestling gear. Banks comes included with her signature shades and necklace as well. Charlotte's figure looks rather decent compared to some previous efforts. Decked out in red, "The Queen" stands tall over her rival, and appears to be as flexible as the actual Charlotte. I hope she gets an Elite figure soon, seeing her with the robe and all will be a truly fantastic figure to display in any collection. As for these figures though, Mattel's done a fine job this time around for the female wrestlers.

The entire series is available to order now. You may view or order any of these figures here: http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/mattel-toy-wrestling-figures-wwe-battle-packs-47.html


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