New WWE Text Simulator

New WWE Text Simulator

By joeylegend42 · Monday, April 24, 2017 · 0 Comments


  Have you ever played a sports text simulator before?? Out of the Park baseball and Football Manager are two of the biggest sports text simulators around. In these sport text simulators, you can do whatever you want. You can be a general manager of a team, just a coach, and you can even play historical seasons. In short you simulate seasons, micromanage your team, and see how everything plays out. Do they have a wrestling text simulator you ask? They do. 

Total Extreme Wrestling is a wrestling text simulator that has released seven versions of the game. The latest release being Total Extreme Wrestling 2016. In this game, you become a booker of your own territory. However just like Fire Pro Wrestling this game does not have any kind of wrestling license with any company. Which means everyone in the game is made up and you have to create the real performers and promotions if that's what your heart desires. 

However, what if WWE made a text simulator with just as much customization as Total Extreme Wrestling?? Out of the Park baseball was able to obtain the MLB licenses so they can use the players likeliness as well as every team in every organization. If Total Extreme Wrestling were able to obtain the WWE license or even easier.... If WWE 2K decided to make their own WWE text simulator it would for sure be a hit. Out of the Park baseball goes for roughly $39.99. So, for WWE I can see them making a text simulator cost about that much. Maybe a little less. They can release the text simulator before WrestleMania season or right in the middle of the summer to hold you off until WWE 2K comes out. Just an idea.

Making a WWE text simulator might sound like a money grab. However, if done right it could be really enjoyable.




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