Vader Passes Out During Match at Japan Show, Update on His Health

Vader Passes Out During Match at Japan Show, Update on His Health

By Marchman · Friday, April 21, 2017 · 0 Comments


A rather spooky moment happened days ago during Tatsumi Fujinami's 45th anniversary show over in Japan. Reports are saying that wrestling legend Vader had briefly passed out during a six man tag team match. He fell during the match and fainted, but was eventually standing back up and he even left the match on his own power. It could have been a devastating moment for the show if anything more severe had happened to Vader, or if his fall had been due to any major issues regarding his overall health.

Vader made news recently when he claimed that his doctors had only given him a few months to live before his heart would fail on him. Naturally, many fans were concerned for him after hearing about the news that he had fallen during his match. Vader, however, has assured his social media followers that the incident occurred because he had been dropped on his head earlier in the match, rather than because of his heart condition. He was later shown partying after the show had wrapped up.

"last night the first match for Fujinamis 45th anneversary show in Tokyo Sold out Did the opening spot with Fujinami I dropped on my head" he wrote on Twitter along with, "It had absolutely nothing to do with my heart but rather my head&Yes i did collapse in fact I was out cold thank uforld jap Wrest i love it"

No word on when he will be back in the ring again, though it could be as soon as this weekend. Here's to a speedy recovery for the big man.


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