Update and Next Rumored Feud for FInn Balor

Update and Next Rumored Feud for FInn Balor

By Marchman · Wednesday, April 19, 2017 · 0 Comments

Finn Balor

After suffering a mild concussion during a match with Jinder Mahal last week, Finn Balor has already been cleared to wrestle again. He made short work of Curt Hawkins on Raw last Monday night, and it looks like he'll be good to go so long as he does not receive another injury. Finn Balor commented on his injury after the match, informing the public that his head injury "was just a scratch." Naturally, the subject of his next feud has come up now that he is back for good.

Over the last few weeks, Balor has been wrestling in some nondescript matches, just easing his way back into the sport after returning from a labrum tear. PWMania claims that, after his "House of Horrors" match with Randy Orton at Payback, none other than Bray Wyatt is expected to begin a feud with Balor. This program is set to go on for a number of months, with the two wrestling each other at many different Raw pay-per-view events. Presumably, this could lead to a big blowoff match between the two former champions at a show like SummerSlam, but that remains to be confirmed as the plan.

"The Demon King" has had a few different setbacks ever since coming to the main roster last year, mainly due to a number of injuries that he has endured. He became the company's first ever Universal Champion before being forced to vacate the title the next night due to injury. Despite the fact that Balor was never beaten for the title, nor did he gain his automatic rematch, don't expect to see him in the title picture again anytime soon. While plans could change, right now, WWE will continue to build Braun Strowman as a top contender to eventually face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, and Balor will just have to work beneath them with Wyatt. 


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