YouTube's Pro Wrestling Adversting Disabled, "Offensive Content"

YouTube's Pro Wrestling Adversting Disabled, "Offensive Content"

By Marchman · Friday, April 14, 2017 · 0 Comments


A recent change in YouTube has seen the usage of advertisers picking and pulling their ads for certain videos on the site. Recently, the site has decreed that pro wrestling, as a whole, is "non-advertiser friendly," due to the sport being "offensive." This means that the advertising revenue for all pro wrestling related content on YouTube will either make a limited amount of money, or even no money at all. No word on why exactly this change has been put in place, but the change has already taken its toll on the wrestling business.

Independent promotions such as Beyond Wrestling and AI Wrestling, both indy promotions that rely heavily on the monetization of their videos on YouTube, have confirmed that they have not been earning anything from recent videos, and that some of their videos have been classified as "restricted content." Wrestling journalist Ryan Satin also confirmed that on a recent video of his that has over 100,000 views, his only managed to earn about $0.14 from the advertising revenue. Even WWE's YouTube channel is not immune. Although, the significant subscriber count they have, as well as just simply being the biggest wrestling company in the world, means that they will likely be able to sway YouTube into allowing advertisers back on their videos. These other independent promotions, however, may not be so lucky.

This new ruling has created a plethora of problems for content creators on YouTube, not just in the pro wrestling business, but for every video category across the board. It is a result of the YouTube site becoming bigger and having no competition whatsoever to worry about, but it has been at the expense of those who post on the site. Hopefully some sort of arrangement can be worked out soon to help straighten out this issue. 


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