Big E Available to Officiate Weddings in LA Next Week

By Marchman · Friday, April 14, 2017 · 0 Comments

Big E Langston

If you have a wedding coming up and feel that there just won't be enough positivity floating about on your big day, then make sure you schedule your wedding April 20th-22nd in Los Angeles. None other than WWE Superstar Big E will be in town to officiate the wedding. The New Day member stated on his Twitter account that he is not joking here, and will be in town to legitimately wed couples.

No explanation as to why has been given regarding Big E's new day job, but he certainly could make for a memorable aspect of a wedding for those in attendance. He does have a ton of charisma and an immense vocal range to pull off the job. He followed up on his tweet yesterday by saying that he will already be going through a large number of emails that he received of people who want him to officiate their wedding. Again, he claims that this is real, he is going to be doing this.

The new Smackdown star will be in Los Angeles, California to help couples tie the knot on April 20th-22nd. Anyone interested should contact If anyone should take advantage of this opportunity, feel free to let me know how it all went. I am deeply intrigued.

I may be officiating weddings in LA April 20-22. Hit me if you're weird. I'm actually not joking. For once.



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