3 Match Types That Should Make Their Return To WWE 2K!!!

3 Match Types That Should Make Their Return To WWE 2K!!!

By joeylegend42 · Thursday, April 13, 2017 · 1 Comments


   Throughout the WWE video game series, we have witnessed a lot of different match types over the years. From the Hell in a Cell match to the Last Man Standing match the series has offered a lot of options to play around with. However, in recent installments of  the series it has certainly lacked the match types they offer. Here are the three match types that should make their return to the series. 

#3. Coming in at number three is the inferno match. The inferno match made its debut in the series way back in WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010. In order to win the match, you have to keep on performing moves to your opponent thus making the ring hotter. Once the temperature of the ring reaches 500 degrees you may than drag your opponent over to the ropes to literally set them on fire. Bringing this match type back would be a fantasy bookers dream. Imagine Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker in an inferno match? Unfortunately, not even a video game is able to make that a reality. 


#2. In at number two you have the buried alive match. The buried alive match made its debut back in WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2006. The match type made a brief return in WWE 2K16 when you played Stone Cold Steve Austin's showcase mode. In order to win the match, you simply had to bury your opponent alive. Making a return to the series will be a welcomed addition to the franchise.


#1. Finally, at number one you have the three stages of hell match. The three stages of hell match wasn't only a best of three series type match with just purely single matches. The three stages of hell match had stipulations in them. For example, you could have a street fight to start off, followed by a steel cage match, than if need be you could end it with a hell in a cell or steel cage match. The type of matches you wanted to do would be up to you. If 2K were to bring the three stages of hell match type back to the series I guarantee you no one would be complaining. 


I hope you all enjoyed. Leave a comment if you'd like. Happy reading!!! 




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