WWE NXT Results - April 12th, 2017

WWE NXT Results - April 12th, 2017

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  This was the very first NXT episode to be taped in Full Sail since NXT Takeover: Orlando earlier this month. For whatever reason, I suppose to go along with the new NXT Titles and such, NXT this week had an all new theme song and show graphics. The old song had been used for a number of years, so it may have been time for a change in scenery just a bit. 

  The show started off with the debut of Aleister Black in Full Sail. He made his way to the ring and kept his entrance from Takeover where he rises upwards onto the stage. He sat down in the ring and patiently waited for the bell to ring.

Aleister Black vs. Corey Hollis -

  As quickly as it began, this match came to a close. Just moments after the match had been started, Black laid out Hollis with Black Mass and pinned him to win his Full Sail NXT debut. Black then sat back down in the ring with an upset look on his face for several seconds. The announcers each put him over as a threat to look out for and he was beloved by the crowd.

Winner: Aleister Black

  Next, we saw a recap of "The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger making his Smackdown debut. Backstage, Dillinger was asked about debuting on the main roster. He said that he was thankful but had unfinished business on NXT. He will face Eric Young next week in a steel cage match.

  Drew McIntyre is advertised to make his NXT debut later in the show against Oney Lorcan.

DIY vs. Dylan Miley and Michael Blayze

  Right away the announcers acknowledge how big and powerful Miley is. He sort of looks like a strange cross between Bruno Sammartino and Braun Strowman to me. Miley demonstrated his strength on Gargano and Ciampa, he even held Gargano up for a suplex for at least 20 seconds or so. Eventually, Blayze was tagged in, the announcers had trouble remembering what his name was. Blayze inevitably blew it for his team and was pinned after a running knee-strike. After DIY headed to the back, Miley laid out his partner with a powerslam. It appears that Miley may be more featured on NXT in the upcoming weeks.

Winner: DIY

  A strange video with sad piano music played next. It showed the crew taking down the NXT set in the Amway Center as Ember Moon walked around sobbing about how she had been robbed of her moment. She eventually vowed to be the one to defeat Asuka and win the Women's Championship.

Ruby Riot vs. Kimberly Frankele

  Ruby cut a pre-match promo stating how tonight began her journey to the Women's Title. Riot dominated for most of the match until Nikki Cross came from out of the crowd. The distraction did not cost her the match though, and she won with a pele kick.

Winner: Ruby Riot

  At the Performance Center, Billie Kay walked around while Peyton Royce filmed her. She spotted Aliyah and Liv Morgan and mocked them for a bit before Morgan shoved her into a bath filled with water. Needless to say that Kay was not pleased.

Drew McIntyre vs. Oney Lorcan

  Oh my, this match. Lorcan quickly entered the ring and McIntyre received a new entrance and song for his debut. Lorcan and McIntyre basically spent the entire match killing each other; Lorcan tried diving onto him, but was slammed to the mat. McIntyre punched, pounded, and slammed Lorcan constantly, and it looked legitimately devastating every time. After a back and fourth fight with some stiff slaps that I even I could feel somehow, McIntyre finally picked up the win with a running boot. 

  McIntyre then made his way to the top of the stage and was asked why he came back to NXT. He claimed that he had all the "Raw talent" and could "lay the Smackdown on anybody," but NXT was where he wanted to be.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

  When we came back, none other than Shinsuke Nakamura made his way to the ring to say goodbye to the NXT Universe. He mentioned that he was already a success in Japan, but challenged himself to come to America and make a name for himself in WWE. He put over the NXT brand by saying that it provided something different, then he praised the fans for all of their chants and their singing of his entrance theme. Nakamura said that he will always be part of NXT and then led the crowd in chants of "We are NXT." before making his way back towards the stage.

  The entire NXT roster came out to congratulate Nakamura for making his main roster debut, with William Regal and Hideo Itami both front and center. The crowd chanted "Thank you Shinsuke" and some were even caught crying by cameras. Before he left, Finn Balor emerged from out of the group and joined in to thank Shinsuke. They all celebrated together as "The King of Strong Style" said his final goodbyes and the show went off the air.




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