KDW Spring Loaded News Update 4/5

INDY NEWS: KDW Spring Loaded News Update 4/5

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Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Presents
Spring Loaded
Pineapple Jacks, Rochester, NY
Doors at 3:30pm Show at 4:00pm
Pre-Sale Tickets $12 At the Door $15 or $18 reserved Front Row Kids 9 & Under $10
Tickets available on our website at http://upstateprowrestling.wixsite.com/upstateprowrestling

Matches (Card Subject To Change)

Main Event
KDW Heavyweight Title Match
"The Alpha & The Omega" Jason Savior vs. "Just" Jeremy Jensen (c)

It was nearly a year ago when Jason Savior became the KDW T3 Championship. Fast forward to a year later, and Savior now hopes to become the KDW Heavyweight Champion. It was back in December at X-Mas Chaos where Savior relinquished his T3 title for a shot at the KDW Heavyweight Title. Later that night, "Just" Jeremy Jensen defeated Chris Cayden and became the new champion. Jensen was set to defend his title against Savior at Valentine's Day Massacre in February, but Savior suffered an undisclosed injury and wasn't medically cleared to compete. But this didn't stop Savior from attacking Jensen after his successful title defense against Ryan Cassidy and Chris Cayden. Savior feels he's been disrespected by the company and the fans and feels that this is his time and will prove it in the ring. But Jeremy Jensen has proven to be a fighting champion so far and it'll take more than idle threats and one sneak attack for Jensen to relinquish the title he's worked long and hard far to obtain. Will "God's Favorite Son" make destiny a reality or become the new champion? Or will Savior be "Just" another victim as Jeremy Jensen continues his reign as KDW Heavyweight Champion? Be there this Saturday at Spring Loaded to find out!!!

KDW Tag Team Title Match
The Wrestling Liberation Front (w/Bin Hamin) vs. The Wet Bandits (c)

After picking up a win against the Wet Bandits at March Meltdown, the Wrestling Liberation Front has been given another title match. A split second distraction that made Rosecroft turn his attention to Bin Hamin who got up on the apron is what led to the Bandits downfall. Rosecroft and O'Connor are going to have to stay focused and keep there attention on their opponents in the ring and not on Bin Hamin. The Wet Bandits know what it takes to win and they know what it's going to take to put Krist and Cloudy away. The question is can they do it again? The Wrestling Liberation Front looked very good as a unit at UPW and did what they needed to do to secure another shot at tag team gold. The question for them is will they be able to stop the Bandits? Is it going to take the help of Bin or can they do it on their own merit? Find out when The Wet Bandits put their Tag Team Titles on the line this Saturday against The Wrestling Liberation Front!!

"100%"Intensity" Bobby Dipinto vs. "All Passion" Ryan Cassidy

Special challenge match featuring two of KDW's top stars. Bobby Dipinto has discovered a newfound mean streak and confidence since teaming with Hellcat and forming Wrecking U. They recently won the UPW Tag Team Titles and Dipinto picked up a huge win with Hellcat's help against Maximo Suave at KDW's last show, Valentine's Day Massacre. But the man that epitomizes intensity will have his hands full against the man that epitomizes heart and passion in Ryan Cassidy. Cassidy is looking to continue his climb up the ladder in hopes of becoming KDW Heavyweight Champion. Cassidy came up short in a triple threat match against the reigning champion Jeremy Jensen and Chris Cayden. Cassidy will also have payback on his mind as he and Vaughn Vertigo lost the UPW Tag Team Titles a few weeks ago against Wrecking U. With that in mind, will Dipinto continue his winning ways or will Cassidy put on an "Eh" Plus performance and get back on the winning track? Find out this Saturday at Pineapple Jack's!

2 out of 3 Falls Match
"The Cali Kidd" Jordan Falco vs. Icon Ace

This rivalry has been going on for the better part of 7 months. These two have gone back and forth with neither being able to gain a real advantage. The one thing that is clear is the dislike that these two have for one another. Has there ever been someone in your life that no matter what, you just can't stand the person, that's how these two feel. Jordan Falco is a young, arrogant punk with a chip on his shoulder the size of Kansas amd Icon Ace is looking to knock that chip off his shoulder and send him back to Cali where he came from. In recent months Ace has been very impressive and has proved that he isn't someone to be taken lightly. Falco believes however that he has been disrespected by Ace and is out to teach him a lesson. This coming Saturday these two will meet in the center of the ring and the first man to gain 2 pinfalls or submissions will be the winner. Who is going to walk out of Spring Loaded with their hand raised and who is going to need help walking out? Find out this Saturday!!!


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